Mandala Essay Draft Revision

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Mandala Essay

The Basics

  • 7 Paragraphs

    • Intro
    • Body paragraphs for each symbol
    • Conclusion
  • 5 sentence minimum for each paragraph

  • TYPED, Double Spaced, Times New Roman

  • DUE: Wed. Nov. 26

  • Submit orignal + typed version

Hook the Reader

  • Every essay needs a great lead.

    • Character description
    • Setting description
    • Summary statement

Character Description

  • Your mandala represents YOU so start with yourself

  • EX: “I will sleep with a clear conscience. I will sleep in peace.” These two lines from Sinead O’Connor’s song titled The Emperor’s New Clothes struck a chord in me the first time I heard them as a college student. These words sum up how I want live my life, no matter how much money I acquire, or how much success I attain.

Setting Description

  • Start with a place that reveals YOU.

  • EX: When a guest enters my house, he/she is greeted by chili-pepper red walls that scream “Welcome.” There is no time to wait. All who enter must be ready for the excitement, challenges, or uncertainties that await. I don’t think I can ever paint this hall because that would be like painting over me.

Summary Statement

  • Write a statement about YOU that makes the reader think.

  • EX: I’m the dog stalker. If there’s dog to greet and pet, I’m there. No silly sidewalk gets in my way. That’s just how I am in everything I do. I never let obstacles stand in my way.

Add Imagery

  • Bring your story to life.

  • Add sense details

    • Sight
    • Sound
    • Taste
    • Touch
    • Smell

Add Variety

  • Start each sentence with a different word.

  • Write verb cluster sentences

  • Check that sentences have a mix of lengths.

    • Count the number of words!


  • Use transition words to connect each paragraph.

  • EX: First, next, however, in addition, etc.


  • Autobiography = I

  • Avoid talking to the audience – they don’t talk back.

  • Change all incorrect “you” forms

    • THINK: I, me, my, mine

End with a Bang

  • Leave the reader thinking…

  • Snapshot – leave the reader with a picture

  • Dialogue – leave the reader with famous last words

  • Thoughtshot– Final reflections on yourself.

Yüklə 451 b.

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