Manthos Engineering, llc is a Honolulu based engineering consulting company

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Manthos Engineering, LLC

Program and Construction Management

Manthos Engineering, LLC is a Honolulu based engineering consulting company. The firm combines the expertise of engineers and other professionals, experienced in both the government and private sector in a dynamic and innovative environment.

Downtown Honolulu

560 North Nimitz Highway

Suite 217B

Honolulu, HI 96817

r. Pericles Manthos established Manthos Engineering after serving Hawaii as Highways Administrator and later heading large mainland transportation initiatives for a multi-state private firm. He and his staff bring a wide range of experience in dealing with Program and Construction Management issues, from inception through completion.
Manthos Engineering provides services for all project phases. We have taken projects from conceptual design, through environmental documentation, design, cost analysis, scheduling, and construction management. Our understanding of all project aspects is key to our ability to meet client’s goals for deadlines, cost, and quality control.

Phone: (808) 531-7374

Fax: (808) 531-7376

Claims Mitigation/Change Management
Experience in planning and management using advanced system approach is key to keep a program organized, moving forward efficiently and on target to achieve cost, schedule, and quality goals.”
anthos Engineering personnel have decades of experience in dealing with Claims Mitigation and Change Management. Mr. Manthos was responsible for the final two years of H-3 construction, which included the closing of outstanding Construction Contracts, many of which had over 100 Change Orders and claims totaling in the millions of dollars. He was directly responsible for negotiating all of the larger outstanding claims and reach resolution through negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution. Mr. Manthos was commended for resolving many outstanding claims without resorting to legal actions. He has also represented the State of Hawaii as the Highways Administrator in numerous court cases on other issues and is well versed in giving expert testimony.

Mr. Shiralian, as support to Manthos Engineering is uniquely qualified by being both a Lawyer and a Civil Engineer, specializing in claims management. His experience in Scheduling and his decade long relationship with Mr. Manthos began with the DOT Master schedule and has resulted in a unique support partnership for very complex claims that could have entered the legal arena if not properly handled. He has been involved with Kalaheo Sewer Project for over 5 years and was instrumental in the programming of the reconstruction of the Primavera CPM Schedule which was used in the claims negotiation for the first contractor who was unable to complete the work and was subsequently terminated.

Mr. Argov and Mr. Firby are actively involved in the current Kalaheo Sewer Reconstruction Project and have worked on numerous claims and change orders involving the previous contract just completed, which included Primavera CPM scheduling and satisfactory resolution of delay and impact claims through mediation. Through negotiations, the project was completed at substantial savings to the City, despite numerous differing site conditions claims
Mr. Lei served two opposite parties in two large City and County of Honolulu construction projects where contract disputes arose but were eventually resolved. In the first case Mr. Lei was an engineer working for a contractor who filed claim against the City while building a 60-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe employing a drill and blast method. He collected and prepared engineering data in support of the contractor’s claims as well as presenting direct and indirectly costs associated with the claims, concentrating his efforts to maximize profits the contractor should justifiably received. In the second case Mr. Lei worked for a firm representing the City in a 48-dia. fiberglass reinforced pipe construction, where Mr. Lei aimed at minimized cost damages to the City. The highlight of his contribution was the research of project documents and the reconstruction of a Primavera CPM schedule, which provided the defense basis and enabled Mr. Lei’s team and the City to successfully dispute the contractor’s challenges.


The ability to review, (or create/reconstruct) complex CPM schedules is essential to meet critical timelines and to mitigate time claims for project management. Manthos Engineering is experienced in reconstructing Primavera CPM schedules based on daily reports and other information in order to settle outstanding claims and disputes, both for ongoing projects and ones where termination by the owner is necessitated. Primavera, both full form P3 and SureTrak software as well as Microsoft scheduling software dependent on project needs and requirements is available. All Change Orders are typically analyzed against field reports and construction schedules with requests for time extensions reviewed, based on impacts to the critical path
A detailed CPM schedule review is an essential component of our project management program. CPM schedules should be resource loaded to be considered accurate and effective in dealing with the Contractor’s Claims as well as in the initial approval and review for the project in order to define the production rates so to accurately predict the effect of delay on resource efficiencies and other indirect costs.
If a good CPM schedule is not available, we have the ability to reconstruct a detailed resource loaded CPM schedule, accurate enough to effectively reflect past construction activities using daily construction records.
Mr. Manthos was responsible for adjusting and approving all CPM Schedules for WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority), and the Los Angeles Red Line Transit Project. He managed various Transit Construction Projects including Electric Power, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), Elevators/Escalators and other building systems. These schedule submissions were rolled into a master schedule for the $1 Billion dollar project in Primavera Format and were utilized in various claim mitigation and resequencing operations.
Mr. Manthos as State Highways Administrator, instituted a central Primavera program (developed by Mr. Shiralian) to track all CIP and Maintenance funded Construction on an individual project milestone basis, thus enabling a complex schedule that resulted in compressing 10 years of H-1 rehabilitation into a two year period, reducing long term public disruption and maximizing state resources to increase production efficiency.
Relevant Experience and Training of Key Personnel
Pericles Manthos, PE

Served as Construction Office Manager for the WMATA (DC Metro), and Los Angeles Red Line Metro Systemwide Office. Responsibilities included management of inspection, change control and document control. Successfully negotiated over 100 claims for the Metro Red Line in Los Angeles. For Hawaii DOT Highways, served as Oahu District Engineer responsible for all maintenance and construction including claims management for the $1.4 billion dollar H-3 project. Actively in charge of the Kalaheo Sewer project including change control, mediation and CPM schedule review for the City and County of Honolulu. He has completed training in Primavera scheduling as well as numerous claims and dispute resolution professional seminars, in Washington D.C, Los Angeles and Honolulu.

Shahin Shiralain

The combination of civil engineering, law and scheduling expertise makes Mr. Shiralian a unique contributor to this field. He has prepared, analyzed and negotiated delay and acceleration claims as well as claims for differing site conditions, construction defects, design defects, and contract interpretation and disputes. As a senior scheduler, he has prepared, updated and reviewed many schedules in complex construction and design projects including complex time impacted claims. Work has been competed for numerous Hawaii projects as well as the BART Project in San Francisco. He has completed training in Primavera MS Project and SureTrak and holds both a law and civil engineering degree and has published numerous articles in professional publications on claims issues.

Jianren Lei, PE

JR Lei has a strong background in both design and construction for both contractors and consultants and has served as a Resident Engineer for construction projects, his technical skills from his design background have made him well suited to resolve filed problems and discern whether or not there is technical merit to contractor’s claims for changed conditions and constructability issues.

Jeffrey Argov, PE

As a Resident Engineer with a strong background in design and construction Mr., Argov has been well suited to manage projects in Hawaii, his management skills have been utilized on numerous projects to minimize adverse issues effecting project completion.

Christopher Firby, PE

With 17 years of experience with Connecticut DOT he has been involved with numerous complex construction related claims for very large projects. Actively utilizing his field related experience and construction understanding he is adept at reviewing and negotiating merit and scope for work related changes.

Tina Moschetti

Ms. Moschetti has extensive background in Contracts Management, Cost Control and Document Management and has been instrumental in providing support for Construction Management in the Cost Control area for over 20 years.

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