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advertising from an ethical point of view? Is it ethical to influence parents through their children? We 

think not. 


Some commercials which have not been made in a professional manner may be in bad taste and evoke 

negative feelings from people. For example, the commercial advertising Uruguay butter in Azerbaijan 

was doomed to failure from the start. In the end, both the commercial and the product disappeared from 

our market.  


Commercials in the Azerbaijan market are mostly translated from foreign languages. Poor quality 

translation, or a failure to take account of local traditions and customs, can lead to the failure of the 

product in the local market. For example, the plot of one commercial for washing powder is as follows: a 

daughter-in-law scolds her mother-in-law, because she does not use a particular brand of washing 

powder. In addition, the young woman pushes the older woman out of the way. To what extent can this 

commercial relate to Azerbaijan  mentality? What kind of ethical standards could accept such behavior?  


Summarizing our discussion above, we can state that advertising using unethical methods will be counter-

productive in the response it evokes from society at large, and can have negative consequences for the 

advertiser, namely:  


refusal of customers to buy certain products;  


waste of funds spent on advertisement  


reduction of  sales volumes;  


damage to the reputation of a company;  


degradation of public taste.  






The questions below are designed to assess  your understanding of the material.  


Forms of lying and deception in business  


What forms of lying can you name? 


What are the negative consequences of lying and deception?  


In what cases could lying be justified from a moral point of view?  


How does the business world treat the breaking of promises, stealing and cheating?  


What is the fundamental difference between lying and cheating?  


What examples of cheating in our country can you give? Please justify your opinion.  

Intellectual property  


What kinds of intellectual property can you name?   


What is intellectual property?  


What is copyright?  


What is a patent?  


What is the difference between production secrets, patents and copyright?  

Truthfulness in advertising  


What methods of unethical advertising can you name?  


What methods are used in advertising to influence the will of people in order to make them buy 

certain products?  


What is subliminal advertising?  


What are the negative consequences of unethical advertising methods?  






Please read the cases below and chose your answer from the options provided. Please substantiate your 

answer. The notes to cases  can be found at the end of the book.  


1. The Alievs' family insured their real estate and their car for 10 years with X insurance firm. They did 

not have any problems for a long time. However, one day the head of the family, taking his car out of the 

garage, scratched the back left side of the car against a fence, but forgot to repair it. Some days later his 

car was struck by another car and the rear of his car was severely damaged. The family applied to the 

insurance firm for reimbursement of the repair expenses.  The family decided to include the earlier 

damage into the list for their insurer. The Alievs’ decided that the insurance firm would not pay attention 

to such minor details and would underwrite not only the serious repair, but also the earlier, minor one.   




What ethical issues do you see here?  



How correct is the Alievs' family’s decision?   



What do you think they should have done under these circumstances?  



Do you think that the Alievs’ acted unethically? Please justify your opinion.   


2. You have been working for X factory for a number of years. The management has been promising to 

raise your salary for some time now.  You are not satisfied with your salary rate, and nor are many of 

your colleagues. One day you and other workers file an official compliant, but after numerous discussions 

the management informs you that they are not able to raise your salary at the moment. You believe that 

you have not received fair treatment. Therefore, you take some tools and spare parts away from the 

factory and set up your own workshop. You can justify your actions: the management does not care about 

its workers, so the workers should take care of themselves, and should take advantage of the slightest 

opportunity to support themselves. 




What unethical actions do you see in this case?  



What do you think of the unfulfilled promises by the factory management?  



Is the worker’s decision right?  



What do you think of the worker’s self-justification?  


3. In which of the cases below can stealing be justified?  




A very poor family – neither of the parents is able to find a job. The family has no food. The head of 

the family decides to steal to save his wife and children from starving.  



A person being chased takes the first available car and flees the site.  



Many people believe that stealing from a friend or acquaintance or, in general, from an individual, is 

impermissible. However, they may believe that stealing from companies or corporations can be 

justified. These people defend their position as follows: “Companies and corporations earn huge 

profits thanks to the hard work of their employees, so the employees are entitled to reap the fruits of 

their labor as well.”    



Vagif Gaziev  





Corporate  documentation on ethics 


Companies design several types of documents, defining their ethical principles. As a rule, shorter 

documents (one to several pages) are referred to as missions, declarations or statements of general 

principles. More detailed documents (from several to a hundred pages) are called Codes of Ethics or 

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