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her operation. She approaches a surgeon from another department of the hospital where she currently 

works, and asks how many days a patient needs to recover from such an operation. The second surgeon 

asks why she is interested in the information, and offers to perform the identical operation at a lower cost.  




Was the nurse correct in approaching the surgeon who she was not planning to be operated  upon 




Was it just to approach another surgeon for a free consultation?  



Is the second surgeon ethically in the right for taking someone else’s customer?  



Should the nurse agree to a more acceptable price, even if she considers the smallest difference in 

cost significant given her wage, situation, etc.? 


2. There is a long queue at a private bank. A customer at the end of the queue is a woman whose baby is 



Should the cashier request the queue to allow the woman to be served out of turn?  


Airport personnel announce a slight delay at the boarding bridge, and request the passengers to wait 

several minutes before they are admitted onto the plane. The weather is wretched; it is raining with a 

severe wind. There are small children and pregnant women among the passengers. 


Should they be admitted onto the plane beforehand?  


3. Are the following slogans appropriate for businesses? If yes, for what types? 

We make the world (а) smaller (b) cleaner (c) nicer (d) kinder 


We are (а) reliable (b) merry (c) fast (d) funny  


Our principle is (а) the customer is always right (b) we know what you need (c) our customers are our 

friends (d) we know better what you need 


4. Which of the following names sounds the best for an Azerbaijan business? Why?  


(а) Bilgeiz (b) Navuhodonosor (c) Sanara (d) RSTJ-Production (e) Rusalka (f) Azgaspromkonversiya 


5. The management of a small construction firm arranges a trip to the country for its personnel and their 

families. The party will stay at a hotel. Most of the staff members are young and single, meaning 

expenses for family members will not be substantial. Two young women request permission to bring their 

mothers along or, otherwise, they will not be allowed to stay the night. The management tries to avoid the 

extra expense, and, moreover, the presence of the mothers is not welcomed by the youths. Eventually, the 

two young girls stay behind.  




Was the management’s decision ethical?  



Could the problem have been solved differently?  


6. You are in your mid-20s, and have just been promoted to the position of “Team Leader”. Your team 

consists of four people, all of whom are at least 10 years your elder and have been working with the firm 

much longer than you. You are trying your best to be friendly with your workers, but notice that the team 

avoids reporting to you. When the slightest problem arises, they approach your boss, who is in his mid-

50s. You speak with them and come to the conclusion that they are hesitant to report to someone of such 

a young age. 




What can you do to remedy the situation?  



Should your boss help you? If yes, how?  



Should you seek assistance from someone else, for example, the Human Resources Department?  






1. We should find out what moral obligations are these people bound by. All characters, except for the 

fireman on duty, shall try to save the child, while the fireman must save, because, firstly, he is best trained 

and equipped for the job, secondly he is bound by professional and contractual obligations. Others have 

different degrees of moral obligation. A passer-by is bound by a  general obligation of an adult to protect 

children, imposed by any society, otherwise mankind will not be able to ensure its sustainable survival. A 

neighbor is bound by the same obligation before the family he knows, the baby-sitter has contractual 

obligations, but lacks training of a policeman, who is bound by his professional obligations, shared by all 

people wearing a uniform, even when they are off duty. We tried to cover this issue from a moderate 

point of view, while radial ideologies can offer opposite answers. For example, Soviet ideology required 

“to die, but save a friend”, while individualistic credo stands for “every man for himself”.  


2. This situation can not be solved fairly. The senior night shift man was wrong by any measure, when he 

preferred short term profit, which wrought  damage to the  reputation of the company in the long term. In 

addition, he set a bad example to his subordinates. The employee is right in essence, but it is difficult to 

agree with her principle “the ends justify the means.” If every employee files a grievance over the head of 

his boss and use informal channels, the whole system of subordination and management of any company 

will be disrupted. The best way to prevent such a situation is to establish procedures to file grievance and 

complaints. These procedures shall be adopted by management and made known to all staff members. 

They can be stated in company’s code of ethics and/or employee’s contracts. For example, an employee 

files a complaint to his  or her immediate supervisor verbally followed by a grievance in  writing. In case 

of no due response, an  employee shall be authorized to go to  the next level management with a copy to 

immediate supervisor. Such a system will not allow employees: (a) to violate subordination; (b) to 

anonymously spread slander of their bosses out of personal motives. Most probably, after a written 

complaint is filed, an immediate   boss will take a serious measure and  solve the conflict on his  or her 

own, as the conflict might become known to  the  management.  


3. Every business is free to make its own decision. Of course, some people would prefer to give in and 

some – to leave the country. Few people would try to act: go to the police, court or media. However, there 

are some cases when businesses managed to defend their positions in courts. Many businesses are afraid 

to protect their rights on their own and this is the area, where business associations can be useful.  


4. We have here a classic conflict of interest. Option (a) testifies to your readiness to help your relative, 

but is it worth to risk your career for another person, even a very close one? Option (b) contains no risk 

for you, but this is not a very nice thing to do. Option (d) can cause panic in the whole department and 

will  not benefit anyone:  neither your relative, his colleagues nor yourself. If you really wish to help your 

relative, without putting yourself at a risk or harming your company’s interests, option (с) is viewed as 

the most optimal.  


5.  This is a very unpleasant and, unfortunately, quite a common situation. For a number of reasons, of 

which rural mentality of the majority of police staff members is not the least common, it is very difficult 

for them to perceive that the girl is not a prostitute. However, this gives them no grounds to take her to a 

police station, as they do not have any even circumstantial evidence: the girl is not dressed provocatively, 

she was not grabbed at a night bar, etc. Some people might say that the girl could have been more careful 

and avoided such a situation. We would respond that there were cases, when more mature and cautious 

women found themselves in such a situation with their own husbands. It goes without saying that a  

foreigner can not pay a bribe to the police, as he risks to get punished, if it were known to his 

management.  However, to leave the girl to face the police alone is even worse. In this embarrassing 

situation he should chose the smaller of the two evils – to pay and try to find out names of policemen or, 

at least,  to remember them. We are far from recommending to encourage corruption, so we would 

suggest take measures afterwards: file a complaint with the nearest police station, write  letter to a 

newspaper, etc.  


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