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Performance Evaluation Form 




Performance Year: 




Job Title: 

Date Started Job: 

Employee Number: 



Team Leader Name: 


Job Title: 

Date Started Job: 

Business Unit: 

Team / Work Group: 









Employee Signature 

Team Leader Signature 







Interim Reviews   




Final Review 








List your objectives under the headings that apply to you.  Use as much space as you need.   For each 

objective describe successful outcomes, performance measures and completion date.  


Core Objectives –The main tasks or roles and accountabilities for your job. 


Special Objectives – Other activities or special projects in addition to your main tasks. 


Developing Others – Actions to transfer knowledge, coach, mentor, lead or support others. 


Learning & Development - Actions to help achieve your objectives and develop competencies.  



Aim to review your performance against your objectives with your team leader every quarter. If you wish, 

make notes to prepare for your discussion and record agreed outcomes.  You can add or update comments 

at future interim reviews. 


Notes on Performance - To assist discussion. 


Agreed Outcomes and Actions – Following the discussion.   



At the end of the year review your performance against your objectives with your team leader.  Comment 

on ‘what’ you have achieved and ‘how’ you have done so.  Also note other achievements not covered by 

your objectives.   


Employee Comments   


Team Leader Comments  


Agreed Actions To Improve Your Performance In The Year Ahead.  



These questions are to help you and your team leader discuss your individual needs when you plan 

performance and during performance reviews.  Written comments are optional.  


Motivation And Recognition   


What aspects of your job give you the most, and the least, satisfaction or enjoyment and why?  


Can you think of ways to make your job more satisfying or enjoyable?  


What type of recognition is most meaningful to you? 


Your Work & Personal Commitments 


How do you feel you are managing your work and personal commitments? 


Can you think of ways in which this can be improved? 


How can your team leader or others help you manage your commitments more effectively? 


Feedback To Your Team Leader 


How has your team leader helped you manage your performance, development and individual needs?   

How can your team leader help you in future?  



Use this section to record any further final comments. If your BU or Function uses a specific way of 

assessing performance, include that information below team leader comments.      


Employee Comments 


Team Leader Comments / Summary Evaluation or Rating 


Next Line Manager – Signature, Date and Optional Comments 







Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies 






This document reaffirms the general business principles that govern how each of the Shell companies 

which make up the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies conducts its affairs.  


The Group is a decentralised, diversified group of companies with widespread activities, and each Shell 

company has wide freedom of action. However what we have in common is the Shell reputation. 

Upholding the Shell reputation is paramount. We are judged by how we act. Our reputation will be 

upheld if we act with honesty and integrity in all our dealings and we do what we think is right at all 

times within the legitimate role of business.  


Shell companies have as their core values honesty, integrity and respect for people. Shell companies also 

firmly believe in the fundamental importance of the promotion of trust, openness, teamwork and 

professionalism, and in pride in what they do.  


Our underlying corporate values determine our principles. These principles apply to all transactions, large 

or small, and describe the behaviour expected of every employee in every Shell company in the conduct 

of its business.  


In turn, the application of these principles is underpinned by procedures within each Shell company 

which are designed to make sure that its employees understand the principles and that they act in 

accordance with them. We recognise that it is vital that our behaviour matches our intentions. 


All the elements of this structure – values, principles and the accompanying procedures – are necessary. 


Shell companies recognise that maintaining the trust and confidence of shareholders, employees, 

customers and other people with whom they do business, as well as the communities in which they work, 

is crucial to the Group’s continued growth and success. We intend to merit this trust by conducting 

ourselves according to the standards set out in our principles.  


These principles have served Shell companies well for many years. It is the responsibility of management 

to ensure that all employees are aware of these principles, and behave in accordance with the spirit as well 

as the letter of this statement. 


C A J Herkstöter 

Chairman of the Committee 

of Managing Directors 

March 1997 


1. Objectives 

The objectives of Shell companies are to engage efficiently, responsibly and profitably in the oil, gas, 

chemicals and other selected businesses and to participate in the search for and development of other 

sources of energy. Shell companies seek a high standard of performance and aim to maintain a long term 

position in their respective competitive environments. 


2. Responsibilities 

Shell companies recognise five areas of responsibility: 

a. To shareholders 

To protect shareholders’ investment, and provide an acceptable return. 

b. To customers 

To win and maintain customers by developing and providing products and services which offer value in 

terms of price, quality, safety and environmental impact, which are supported by the requisite 

technological, environmental and commercial expertise. 

c. To employees 

To respect the human rights of their employees, to provide their employees with good and safe conditions 

of work, and good and competitive terms and conditions of service, to promote the development and best 

use of human talent and equal opportunity employment, and to encourage the involvement of employees 

in the planning and  direction of their work, and in the application of these principles within their 

company. It is recognised that commercial success depends on the full commitment of all employees. 

d. To those with whom they do business 

To seek mutually beneficial relationships with contractors, suppliers and in joint ventures and to promote 

the application of these principles in so doing. The ability to promote these principles effectively will be 

an important factor in the decision to enter into or remain in such relationships. 

e. To society 

To conduct business as responsible corporate members of society, to observe the laws of the countries in 

which they operate, to express support for fundamental human rights in line with the legitimate role of 

business and to give proper regard to health, safety and the environment consistent with their commitment 

to contribute to sustainable development. These five areas of responsibility are seen as inseparable. 

Therefore it is the duty of management continuously to assess the priorities and discharge its 

responsibilities as best it can on the basis of that assessment. 


3. Economic Principles 

Profitability is essential to discharging these responsibilities and staying in business. It is a measure both 

of efficiency and of the value that customers place on Shell products and services. It is essential to the 

allocation of the necessary corporate resources and to support the continuing investment required to 

develop and produce future energy supplies to meet consumer needs. Without profits and a strong 

financial foundation it would not be possible to fulfil the responsibilities outlined above. Shell companies 

work in a wide variety of changing social, political and economic environments, but in general they 

believe that the interests of the community can be served most efficiently by a market economy. Criteria 

for investment decisions are not exclusively economic in nature but also take into account social and 

environmental considerations and an appraisal of the security of the investment. 


4. Business Integrity 

Shell companies insist on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of their business and expect the 

same in their relationships with all those with whom they do business. The direct or indirect offer, 

payment, soliciting and acceptance of bribes in any form are unacceptable practices. Employees must 

avoid conflicts of interest between their private financial activities and their part in the conduct of 

company business. All business transactions on behalf of a Shell company must be reflected accurately 

and fairly in the accounts of the company in accordance 

with established procedures and be subject to audit. 


5. Political Activities 

a. Of companies 

Shell companies act in a socially responsible manner within the laws of the countries in which they 

operate in pursuit of their legitimate commercial objectives. Shell companies do not make payments to 

political parties, organisations or their representatives or take any part in party politics. However, when 

dealing with governments, Shell companies have the right and the responsibility to make their position 

known on any matter which affects themselves, their employees, their customers, or their shareholders. 

They also have the right to make their position known on matters affecting the community, where they 

have a contribution to make. 

b. Of employees 

Where individuals wish to engage in activities in the community, including standing for election to public 

office, they will be given the opportunity to do so where this is appropriate in the light of local 



6. Health, Safety and the Environment 

Consistent with their commitment to contribute to  sustainable development, Shell companies have a 

systematic approach to health, safety and environmental management in order to achieve continuous 

performance   improvement. To this end, Shell companies manage these matters as any other critical 

business activity, set targets for improvement, and measure, appraise and report performance. 


7. The Community 

The most important contribution that companies can  make to the social and material progress of the 

countries in which they operate is in performing their basic activities as effectively as possible. In 

addition Shell companies take a constructive interest in societal matters which may not be directly related 

to the business. Opportunities for involvement – for example through community, educational or 

donations programmes – will vary depending upon the size of the company concerned, the nature of the 

local society, and the scope for useful private initiatives. 


8. Competition 

Shell companies support free enterprise. They seek to compete fairly and ethically and within the 

framework of applicable competition laws; they will not prevent others from competing freely with them. 


9. Communication 

Shell companies recognise that in view of the importance of the activities in which they are engaged and 

their impact on national economies and individuals, open communication is essential. To this end, Shell 

companies have comprehensive corporate information programmes and provide full relevant information 

about their activities to legitimately interested parties, subject to any overriding considerations of business 

confidentiality and cost. 







Guiding Principles 



Exxon Mobil Corporation is committed to being the world's premier petroleum and petrochemical 

company. To that end, we must continuously achieve superior financial and operating results while 

adhering to the highest standards of business conduct. These unwavering expectations provide the 

foundation for our commitments to those with whom we interact: 


Shareholders.  We are committed to enhancing the long-term value of the investment dollars entrusted to 

us by our shareholders. By running the business profitably and responsibly we expect our shareholders to 

be rewarded with superior returns. This commitment drives the management of our company. 


Customers.   Success depends on our ability to consistently satisfy ever-changing customer preferences. 

We pledge to be innovative and responsive, while offering high quality products and services at 

competitive prices. 


Employees.   The exceptional quality of our workforce is a valuable competitive edge. To build on this 

advantage we will strive to hire and retain the most qualified people available and maximize their 

opportunities for success through training and development. We are committed to maintaining a safe 

work environment enriched by diversity and characterized by open communication, trust, and fair 



Communities.  We pledge to be a good corporate citizen in all the places we operate worldwide. We will 

maintain the highest ethical standards, obey all applicable laws and regulations, and respect local and 

national cultures. Above all other objectives, we are dedicated to running safe and environmentally 

responsible operations. 


To be successful, ExxonMobil must be at the leading edge of competition in every aspect of our business. 

This requires that the Corporation's substantial resources -- financial, operational, technological, and 

human -- be employed wisely and evaluated regularly. 


While we maintain flexibility to adapt to changing conditions, the nature of our business requires a 

focused, long-term approach. We will consistently strive to improve efficiency and productivity through 

learning, sharing, and implementing best practices. We will be disciplined and selective in evaluating the 

range of capital investment opportunities available to us. We will seek to develop proprietary 

technologies that provide a competitive edge. 


We will achieve our goals by flawlessly executing our business plans and by strictly adhering to these 

guiding principles along with our more comprehensive Standards of Business Conduct. 



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