Marital status: Married, (3 sons), Date of birth: July 9, 1969, Nationality: Azeri, Place of birth

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Marital status: Married, (3 sons), Date of birth: July 9, 1969, Nationality: Azeri, Place of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan


1987-1989 – Rockets Force of Army, Georgia

Senior Driver

February – September 1987 – Voluntary Society Assistance of Army, Aviation and Navy

Have a got professional driving License, (CBD) (car, truck, bus).

1984-1987 – Technical College # 67

Facility of auto mechanic - electrician

1976-1984 –Secondary School # 167


2016-Present Atilla Trans Services (BP Exploration Transportation Department)

Maintenance Supervisor In first few months of my job here I have already improved a database after last supervisor and adjusted appointments of coming to services. Crews (Mitsubishi, Toyota, GM, Mercedes, MAN and Hyundai dealers Centres), fleet about 1000 vehicles.

1999-Present Disk Tuning (Wheel rims and Tires repair, painting, super balance system)

Manager-Supervisor (own business). Probably the best tire balancing point in Azerbaijan.

I have explored and found about 12 methods for best wheel balancing, which brings me new costumers and increased safety on the roads in general. Created web site, Facebook and Instagram pages, used other internet resources and advertising, then that given me new costumers too. Good my work with clients, listening to their problems and identify what need to do, giving good result to business.

Publication date: 05/05/2016

Very popular car magazine in Azerbaijan and printing in Turkey, which has YouTube channel and most popular programme on radio station {} Most popular Auto Blogger Tural Yusifov took my article ''Nitrogen in tires and wheel balancing'' (8 pages) and posted in his “Avto Stop” Magazine

2015-2015 BEGOC Baku 2015 1st European Games

Transportation Technical Services Specialist - BEGOC Baku 2015

Work was in full operation, i`ve been always first in the center of events. Supervised maintenance of 330 coaches (buses). Crews (Cleaning, Maintenance, Refuelling) Letter of recommendation from BEGOC BUS DEPOT 1 Top Manager

2011-2014 CSS (Bos Shelf Transportation Department)

Transportation Supervisor Organised the job below from zero. Fire extinguishers and all safety equipment inspections, yearly driving medical inspection in time and drug test in any time, yearly driving trainings for all 164 drivers and more than 50 self- drivers to getting a special permit from HED academy by BP standards. Under my control were if expiry time of all drivers documentation to change on new in time. Regular Tool Box Talks and safety meetings with drivers and others. Monthly transportation reports to Top Managers. Worked first without any software, made them by myself on excel, but after two years with Vehicle Fleet Network Edition software. All documentation and reports were on English language. Supervised 122- passenger customer`s vehicles (half of them buses), 164 drivers, 5 mechanics, Garage, coordinator, 2 admins and 3 technicians.Recommendations from Transport Managers


Driver Within the project, by leadership, has been offered to me the post of co-ordinator, but I refused for personal reasons

Certificates: Certificate of Competence – Skid – Correction Techniques (BP,) Certificate of Attendance- Seat Belt Convincer Training (BP), Certificate of Competence – Defensive Driving Techniques (BP), Certificate of Competence – Defensive Driving Course (Baku United Technical School №1), Certificate of Attendance – First Aid Training (SOS)

Best Driver Award

Letters of recommendation from BP Vice President, AIOC Major Projects,

BP Major Projects Operations Manager, KBR HSE / Transport Manager and Halliburton TCP Coordinator and other managers

1999-2002 “Rayana”, East West Helicopters

Driver – Mechanic (On call)

1996-1998 Consolidate Supply Management (AMOCO project)

For my good work, I was promoted very quickly from Auto electrician to Senior Mechanic & then to Plant & Equipment Coordinator

Coordinate mechanics and carpenter for maintenance equipment of AMOCO Operations Base, cranes, forklifts, trucks, filling station, car wash, main generator and others, produced orders for purchase of spare parts.

1992-1996 Small Enterprise “RAMELD”


1990-1992 Society “Automotolover” (autoservice)

Auto electrician

Trainee pilot (auto rally 1990)


Azeri, Russian, English, Turkish

1122, BAKU, AZERBAIJAN, ZARDABI 17/51, APT.73/PHONES: +994124328032, +99470 270 7000, and +99455 20 85 100


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