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FASA 6U T-Ball Rules

Martin, Tennessee

The following rules have been adopted by the Martin, Tennessee 6UT Ball League.

1. Batting

  • All batters will hit from a batting tee. The coach may help adjust the tee.

  • All roster players present for the game shall bat in order, whether playing defensively or not.

  • There must be a 25 foot arc from foul line to foul line which the ball must be hit past or it will be called a foul ball.

  • All batters, runners, and on deck batters must wear a batting helmet.

  • An inning is over when all players have batted. No bunting allowed. Full swings only.

  • No strike called for lining up with bat unless ball is knocked off of the tee.

  • (Optional)Coach can pitch 3 balls and if those are missed, then two off the tee. Watch the time and this can be time consuming.

2. Fielding

  • The pitcher must stand on the rubber until the ball is hit.

  • If the pitcher is not on the rubber, the batter will be called safe.

  • Plays to first base by the pitcher must be thrown overhanded. Rolling is unacceptable.

  • Plays to first base should typically be thrown. If the pitcher fields the ball on the first base side of an imaginary line from home plate to the mound and outside the dirt around the mound, the pitcher may tag the runner to first base. If the ball is fielded on the third base side of that line, the pitcher must throw the ball to first base. The typical baseball play is desirable.

  • Plays to home plate should typically be thrown to the catcher. If the ball is fielded close to home (not in the dirt around the pitcher’s mound), the pitcher can run the ball home or tag the runner. If the pitcher fields the ball in the dirt around the mound, the ball must be thrown home and the runner may not be tagged by the pitcher (otherwise, the run will count and it will be a dead ball).

  • Only six players will be allowed on the infield. All other players are placed evenly in the outfield, at least 10 feet behind the base paths. Second baseman and shortstop should play behind the base paths. First and third basemen should not be in front of the dirt area at each base (should have at least one foot in the dirt).

  • If the ball is overthrown to first base and goes outside the box, all players will advance one base and the play will be dead.

3. Base Running

  • A runner cannot leave the base until the ball is hit. Any base runner missing a base will be called out.

  • No stealing bases.

  • Containment on lead runner will stop play. When the runner stops and gives up effort to advance, the play is completed and stopped. No longer do all runners keep running (i.e. when the last batter of the inning bats).

  • Coaches are not allowed to touch/grab base runners.

4. Miscellaneous Rules

  • Two defensive coaches may be out in the outfield.

  • Only coaches, players, and official representatives should be on the field.

  • Games may only last 60 minutes or 6 innings, whichever comes first. If there is less than 12 minutes of time remaining on the clock an additional inning should not be started. If a new inning is started, both teams must bat and each player must bat (as stated above).

  • Two innings constitute a full game in case of rain. Complex umpires have the authority to call off games.

  • There should be a minimum of 6 players on each team. The pitcher and catcher position must be fielded. Games with fewer than 6 players will be decided on by team coaches.

  • Home team must start the field clock

  • Coaches on the field MUST be certified through

  • Coaches on the field MUST also be certified on CDC Concussion

  • Dugout person does not have to be certified.

  • Team drinks are provided after every game.

  • Team pictures will be arranged by the League President prior to Opening Day so parents have them for the season.

5. Dress Code

  • Players must wear their jersey and must be tucked in.

  • Players must be in GRAY baseball pants. Team jersey and hat will be provided.

6. Parent Complaints

If parents or you as a coach have questions or concerns, you should address

them through the following chain of command:

a. Head Coach

b. Commissioner for your age division

c. Board Member

d. League President

7. Weather & Cancelations

A lightning detector system is installed next to the playground. When the lightning

is detected a flashing light above the tower is activated and a cluster of horns

will sound. When the detector is activated all players, coaches, parents, and

others must evacuate the park until the "all clear" signal is given (minimum

10 minutes; three short blasts on the horn will sound and the flashing light will

stop). No one is allowed to remain in the dugouts or any other area of the park.

Players are required to go to the parking lot and get into a vehicle. Coaches

are responsible for the safety of each player and must ensure every player is

evacuated. If lightning is detected more than once an evening, the current game

and all remaining games for the evening will be cancelled.

For information about game and practice cancellations due to rain, contact the

Parks & Rec Hotline (731.587.6000).

Any questions – Mike Garvin @ (731) 223-0032 text/call

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