Martin township board meeting

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July 11, 2018
Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call: Tiemeyer, Leep, Schipper, Sipple, Smit, present.
Motion made by Tiemeyer, supported by Sipple, to approve June 13, 2018, regular Board meeting minutes and Budget/Truth in Taxation Hearing minutes. Motion carried unanimously.
Welcome Guests:
Mary Whiteford, presented an update from Lansing and what she is working hard on. Broadband and reduce Auto Insurance are some of the biggest concerns.
Ambulance: None
Cemetery: Tiemeyer contacted Patten Monument Co. regarding a work order to assess damages from a storm on a few headstones that were affected. Patten Monument will be assessing and letting Township what needs to replacing, their fee per hour is $60.00. Tiemeyer also will call a company who performs sonar boundaries to help better determine each grave location, etc. There also have been several requests, wondering how many cremations can be in one grave. The Board discussed possibly amending the Cemetery Ordinance to better specify the exact amount of cremations per grave. Tiemeyer will contact other Townships to see how they handle this situation, as well as our attorney to see how to best proceed.

Fire: Wykstra presented information to the Board that a training committee in Allegan is going to hold fire officer classes, our department has 3 interested. Schipper was able to find language from the past fire department millage proposal. The Board has agreed to seek 0.75 fire millage on the November ballot, for four years to help with the cost of replacing Air bottles which are due to expire in August 2019 and equipment.
Library: Kelsey presented an update from the Library, there were 40 people at the Library movie night. The Library plans to hold one more movie night. Numbers and responses have been great for the Summer Reading Program.

Memorial Park: Tiemeyer stated an issue there is with the mulch and edging around the flower beds in the Memorial Park. The mulch is much higher, going over the edging. The mulch build up may need to be removed or spray the longer grass around the edging to help with this issue.
Planning Commission: None
Roads: Reports should be in soon on the traffic runners placed on 6th, 7th and 122nd Ave.
New Business:
2018/2019 Poverty Income Guidelines- Motion made by Leep, supported by Smit, to approve the 2018/2019 Poverty Income Guidelines as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Resolution 2018-10 – Consumers Energy Street Light Annual Contract – Motion made by Tiemeyer, supported by Smit, to adopt Resolution 2018-10 for an annual contract with Consumers Energy on the 3 street lights that Martin Township is responsible for. Roll Call: Leep, Schipper, Sipple, Smit, Tiemeyer, all ayes. Motion carried unanimously.
Old Business:
Township Hall Expansion – Revised Plans were distributed to the Board for review and a rough cost estimate on combined project of Township Hall and Fire Station. The Board has reviewed and discussed the plan and the alternates as presented. Smit will contact Architect and Contracting Co. for some final review with some suggestions presented on the Fire station side. The Board plans to move forward with completing the design aspect and Tiemeyer will look in to some finance options.
Motion made by Tiemeyer, supported by Sipple, to approve the payment of bills as presented. Motion carried unanimously
Motion made by Smit, supported by Leep, to amend budget per changes as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Treasurer ReportReceived for information
Board Reports:
Supervisor – Glenn- updated the Board from PCI, on Knight property. Court date is scheduled for June 12, 2018. Permits and inspections have all passed on the structure. Leep expressed to Mr. Scharphorn of the frustration with our position as a Township and how this problem has been handled with the Attorney’s, etc.
Clerk – Rachelle None
Treasurer – Sue – None
Trustee - John None
Trustee – Jack – None
Motion made by Tiemeyer, supported by Smit, to adjourn meeting at 8:30 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.
Respectfully submitted,

Rachelle Smit

Martin Township Clerk
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