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M. Nasir Mehmood nasir

MBA Finance Professional

Contact: +92-334-3058011


Address: H # 20-A Ground Floor, St # 9, Ameen Park, Ravi Road, Lahore


Enthusiastic MBA Graduate, interested in obtaining a challenging position, offering creativity and critical thinking skills to help generate growth by innovative ideas for my employer and in return gain industry experience.


Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Karachi

Master of Business Administration (MBA) CGPA: 3.54

Majors: Finance Graduation Year: 2009

Minors: Marketing

  • Major Courses: Analysis of Financial Statements, Credit Risk Analysis, Security Analysis, Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance.

  • Major Project: Conducted Analysis of Financial Statements of Indus Motor

University of Karachi

Bachelors of Commerce

Majors: Business &Economics Graduation Year: 2006

  • Major Courses: Cost Accounting, Economics, Introduction to Business, Banking, Business Laws, Auditing, Income Tax

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES_________________________________________

Prime Shipping & Logistics Asst. Accounts Manager Jan 2015 - Present

Key Responsibilities:

  • Preparing Statement of working Capital on weekly basis.

  • Opening facilities with banks, LC discounting, Remittances against Import Doc.

  • Financial forecasting and planning & Annual Budgeting with reporting monthly variances.

  • Handling and maintaining proper accounting system with computerized software of accounts.

  • Scrutinizing the receipts and payments of receivable & payables accounts and other accounting documentation.

  • Liaising with banks, financial institutions, customers and vendors; involved in carrying out all the administrative procedures in the organization.

  • Checking Bank Reconciliation and preparing cost sheets and analytical reports.

Shahpur Commerce (Pvt). Ltd. Senior Accountant Jan 2013 – Dec 2014

Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance of day book, ledger, General journal in Peachtree accounting software.

  • Monthly Report to the management regarding status of accounts receivables and payables

  • Assisting in preparing Quarterly presentation of accounts to the board members.

  • Preparing & Monitoring invoicing, payment and recovery.

  • Maintaining proper record of office equipment, Employees record, Utilities.

  • Preparation and submission of different reports as per Management requirement.

  • Reconciliation of Sales, Payments, Production Advances, Prepayments & Refundable Deposits.

  • Preparation of Fixed Assets Register.

  • Assisting in Auditing books of accounts from auditors

Memaar Associates Accounts Executive Oct 2009 – Dec 2012

Key Responsibilities:

  • Preparation of vouchers and posting in to accounting software.

  • Controlling Accounts Receivables and Payables.

  • Assist finance manager in finalizing of accounts for presentation to Higher Management

  • Auditing books of accounts.

  • Preparing all types of Correspondence of the company.

  • Preparation of Expenses and Income Budget

  • Bank and cash reconciliation.

  • Petty Cash and other day to day job.

  • Making of invoices and other correspondence related to parties.

Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC Internship Jun 2009 - Sep 2009

Key Responsibilities: Finance Department

Skills& Competences_______________________________________________

  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Hands on experience with (SPSS).

  • Excellent communication & presentation skills

  • Creative thinker, Self-Motivated, Open to new experiences & willing to seek challenges

Strengths: Good leadership & interpersonal skills, a team-worker, innovative & dedicated, adaptable, flexible, convincing power

Hobbies & Interests

  • Cricket, Football, badminton

  • Gardening.

References & Other Information______________________________________

  • Will be furnished on demand

Enclosure: Nasir CV, MBA Finance

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