Medlineplus: Your Gateway to Consumer Health Information on the Web Objectives Understand criteria for evaluating web resources

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MEDLINEplus: Your Gateway to Consumer Health Information on the Web


  • Understand criteria for evaluating web resources

  • Identify quality resources for answering health questions

  • Search MEDLINEplus for authoritative health information

  • Learn about the content and features of other NLM databases

  • Incorporate tips for effective training

Consumer Health Information

  • Any information that enables individuals to understand their health and make health-related decisions for themselves and their families

  • Source: Patrick and Koss, CHI White Paper, 1995

CAPHIS Definition

  • Information on health and medical topics provided in response to requests from the general public, including patients and their families. In addition to information on the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of disease, CHI encompasses information on health promotion, preventive medicine, the determinants of health and accessing the health care system.

  • Source: The Librarian’s Role in the Provision of Consumer Health Information and Patient Education - CAPHIS, 1996

Health Information on the Web

  • Diseases & Conditions

  • Medications

  • Tests & Procedures

  • Medical Research

  • Health Care Providers

  • Advocacy & Support Groups

Quality Matters

  • Accurate

  • Current

  • Relevant

  • Evidence-based

  • Free of bias

  • Reliable

  • Understandable

MEDLINEplus Historical Overview

  • October 1998

  • 22 health topics

  • 116,000 hits

"We nearly decided not to bother listing any other sites after spending a few hours with the remarkably well-edited MEDLINEplus, a service of the National Library of Medicine.”

  • Craig Stolz

  • “Healthy Web Sites for Seniors" Washington Post Health Section

  • July 18, 2000

MEDLINEplus Features

  • User friendly source

  • Health information for patients and the public

  • Quality filtered

  • Credible sources

  • Links to MEDLINE searches

MEDLINEplus Selection Guidelines

  • Quality

  • Authority

  • Accuracy

  • Educational purpose

  • Consistently available

  • Accessible

MEDLINEplus Resources

  • Health Topics

  • Drug Information

  • Dictionaries

  • Medical Encyclopedia

  • Doctors/Dentists

MEDLINEplus Options

  • Choose a topic by letter

    • High Blood Pressure
  • Choose a topic by category

    • Infections
  • Use the search box

MEDLINEplus Demo

Online Help

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Hands-On Exercises

MEDLINEplus: Your Gateway to Consumer Health Information on the Web Part 2

Overview of NLM Databases

  • MEDLINEplus




  • LOCATORplus

  • NLM Gateway

  • TOXNET Features

  • Information about clinical research studies

  • 5,000 NIH clinical studies

  • Multiple sources

  • Browse by condition or sponsor

  • Excellent user’s guide


DIRLINE Features

  • Directory of Information Resources Online

  • National, international, federal and state organizations

  • Health focus

  • Location, description and contact information


PubMed Features

  • User-friendly search engine for MEDLINE

  • NLM’s database of references to articles

  • Links to selected free articles

  • Many include summaries

  • Most articles are written for the health care professional


LOCATORplus Features

  • National Library of Medicine online catalog

  • Books, journals, audiovisuals

  • Search by keyword, title, author, MeSH term or call number

  • Quick Start Tutorial & Advanced Search Tutorial

NLM Gateway

Gateway Features

  • Newest NLM resource

  • Novice NLM searchers

  • Simultaneous searches in multiple retrieval systems

  • Databases, databanks, catalog

  • Meeting abstracts


TOXNET Features

  • Toxicology and environmental health information

  • Special Topics

  • Toxicology Tutors

Tools for Librarians


  • Consumer Health: an Online Manual


  • Web Tutorial

  • Pathfinders

  • Authoritative resources

  • Traditional and alternative medicine

  • Designed for public librarians

Consumer Health: An Online Manual

  • Planning a library

  • Collection development

  • Health literacy

  • Readability analysis

  • Materials for special populations

  • Hot topics fact sheets

Guides for Consumers

  • National Library of Medicine Guide to Finding Health Information

    • National Library of Medicine
  • How to research a medical topic online

  • - Consumer Reports on Health

Tips for Trainers

  • Assess

  • Decide

  • Allocate

  • Prepare

  • Present

  • Evaluate

Assess Your Audience

    • Computer competence
    • Web experience
    • Needs and interests
    • Language and literacy

Focus Your Teaching

    • General health sources
      • MEDLINEplus
    • Specific health topics
      • Diseases
      • Drug information
      • Tests and procedures

Allocate Your Time

  • Lecture

  • Demonstration

  • Hands-on Exercises

  • Questions

  • Discussion

Prepare the Content

  • Identify three to five objectives

  • Locate resources

  • Review web sites thoroughly

  • Address quality issues

  • Design/locate/copy handouts

Present the Class

  • Introduce the topic

  • Demonstrate the resources

  • Let them search

  • Answer questions

  • Review and reinforce


  • Include an evaluation form

  • Incorporate suggestions and observations

  • Revise

  • Re-evaluate

Training Resources

  • National Library of Medicine

  • National Network of Libraries of Medicine

  • National Online Training Center

National Library of Medicine

National Network of Libraries of Medicine

National Online Training Center


  • Good information is the best medicine.

  • Depend on reliable sources

  • Use current information

  • Make treatment decisions with your physician

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