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Collinsville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

2013 Corporation Meeting


Meeting called to order:  7:20pm by Willi Matava
Minutes for March Corporation meeting accepted unanimously by members.
Board of Directors
Soccer and Lacrosse have started their seasons at the fields and are off to a good start. No concerns mentioned from either group. Dumpster has been moved back to where it needs to be. Question was raised about limited field space in Canton for team use and whether other teams have contacted CVFD to use our fields. No other teams have called. Members are asked to contact Willi or Tom if teams (other than those authorized) are seen playing on the fields.
Work parties need to be scheduled to prep for the Jamboree. Painting needs to be done and tents put up.

Suggestion made for Friday nights (April 19 and 26 at 5:00pm).

Tom restated that everyone’s help is needed at the Jamboree.
Concern for Jamboree is securing an office trailer. If O&G has one available at the time of the Jamboree,

then there will be one for us to use. Pool Shack on Rt. 44 has trailers also. Willi will contact to see if they have one available.

Trophies and trophy cases have been cleaned and neatly arranged. Lighting in cases is working.

Tom thanked those who helped with this effort: Jim Juell, Ryan Vaillencourt, John Gotaski. Trophies show the pride of the organization.

Jeff Johnson is going to complete the electrical work in the shed this weekend.
Soda Machine
Soda Machine is operating and stocked.

Treasurer’s Report
Nothing to report

Cheers and Tears
Debbie arranged for an Easter Bunny to be hand delivered to Helen Kilburn at McClean Nursing Home and she was thrilled to receive it. Tom thanked Debbie for her efforts.
Past Members
Bruce Lockwood in hospital (reason unknown)

Fred Cruz passed away

Henry P. – card sent
Policies and Procedures
New membership applications distributed. By-laws and Policies and Procedures stand as is. Members need to have dues paid in order to vote at the annual meeting.
Old Business
Rescue Jack Class can be scheduled in August. Committee is needed to handle responsibilities associated with the class; i.e., accepting payments, getting cars, ordering food and drinks, port-o-potties, etc. CVFD gets a cut of the money brought in.
CVFD sponsors the event at the fields. 100 – 150 people can attend.

Training is completely “hands on.”

New Business
Ryan: Suggested purchase of CVFD Corp. Flag for flagpole at the fields. Purchase proposed as a non-budgeted item not to exceed $500.00. Money to come from the Property Improvement and Maintenance Account.
Quote from Flagman:

6 x 10 Flag $327.00

Design Fee $120.00

Motion made by Don Osden for the purchase of the flag and seconded by John Gotaski. Motion

unanimously accepted by corporation members.
Prospective membership application received for Zack Goeben who turned 18 years old. Came up through the ranks starting as a cadet. Ryan made motion to accept Zack as a 6-month probationary member and Debbie seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous from the members. Congratulations!

2013 Nominating Committee
2013 Slate of Officers

Willi Matava - President

John Gotaski – Vice President

Diane Johnson – Treasurer

Debbie Matava – Asst. Treasurer

Dawn Guite - Secretary

Board of Directors

Open position vacated by Matt Bilts – term being finished by David Gray who expressed interest

in being on the Board for new slate.
Nominating Committee can be approached until May and May corporation meeting will accept nominations from the floor. Nominations from the floor will be for open positions only during the annual meeting in June. Voting will also take place at this time.
New Slate to be in place for July 1, 2013.

Gas Card Drawings

Three cards were available and given to the February and March winners. Card is owed to Bill


February: Tom Gotaski

March: Danielle Kerr

February: Bill Glass

March: Wendy Gray

Food contracts are needed from Jason. Games of Chance application has been completed and submitted to the State of CT. Awaiting approve from Town Police Chief. Vendor insurance in place at the end of March. Sylvia presented advertising at the Corporation meeting explaining that the “new look” is consistent for all print advertising. It gives an identity to CVFD. Register Citizen will be interviewing Tom, Ryan and Willi for the parade, philanthropy, and history. Sylvia will arrange time to meet with them to coach them prior to being interviewed.
Debbie thanked those who came and stuffed beg letters. She needs monetary amounts by end of April for the Jamboree.
John Gotaski has ordered the trophies for the parade.

Willi: Waiting for written quotes for tree removal. There are 3 tentative bids as of corporation meeting ranging from $5,000 – 6,500. Bids include removing sycamores and trees near pond (5 or 6 scrub trees, 3 sycamores). Bids must have certificates of insurance. Fields are looking good. Field goals have to be moved. Ryan asked if the CVFD sign by the Gate is down. Willi was not aware but will check it out.

Good of the Order

(Motion to adjourn)

Motion to adjourn at 8:55pm by Willi Matava and unanimously accepted by the members.

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