Meeting Minutes Friday 8th August, 10: 00am, milc board Room Type of Meeting: Committee Meeting

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Meeting Minutes

Friday 8th August, 10:00am, MILC Board Room

Type of Meeting: Committee Meeting

Present: BEC Bentley, matt clark-massera, Kate CUllen, Andrej Dammer, Ben Dix-Matthews, Tom Easter, Luke Ellery, kelly hawes, jeik Kim, jodie koh, Emily Law, kaiden mccarthy, Jason Ponsonby, Alex O’Neill, paolo rossi, lucas testar, Alex Turner, allan williams, caitlin woods and cristina vo

Apologies: daniel bell, laura pecorari, Eric grandinger, ben johnston

I.Meeting Start: 10:00am

II. Items for discussion


  • Luke Devenish, James Drummond, Bernard Kretzmann, Kristina T-katchenko

IV.Actions Arising

V.Education Report

  • Thesis Workshop Update

  • Thursday 18th August, 6-8pm, Social Sciences

VI.Social Report


  • Having the regular BBQ

  • Then to Matt’s house around 2

  • Alcohol from storeroom

  • Bogan Bingo

  • It’s next Thursday 13th August

  • Only a quarter of the way through the tickets

  • Good amount of PI tickets

  • Matt and Kaiden are Dj’ing after the bingo

  • Everyone - Need ideas for fundraising activities

  • Auctioning off Matt?

  • Cocktail

  • 4th September

  • Holding at the Subiaco Palm Centre

  • Liquor license completed and waiting for confirmation

  • UCFK running bar

  • Drinks free

  • Theme: Black and Gold

  • Pups will do a power set on keyboard

  • Pub Crawl

  • Luke Devenish has agreed to organise

  • Clashing dates with CPEC quiz night – do we want to change to the Friday

  • Voted – still on thursday

VII.Committee Bonding

  • Lawn Bowls – Friday arvo after BBQ sometime

  • Try get as many people as possible to come

  • Tom - organise

VIII.Relay for Life

  • We have signed up

  • Really need people to get down

  • Any ideas for midnight madness

  • We need to raise $1500 for the stall

  • Ben – get a donation tin to have at our BBQ

  • Lucas keep us updated with this event

IX.Open Day

X.Careers VP Vote

  • Applicants are Lucas, Paolo, Laura

  • Lucas has been voted in


  • Can people please pay asap

XII.Next Meeting

XIII.Meeting End: 10:40Am

XIV.Action Summary


  • Organise Committee Bonding

  • Open Day - put up a doodle poll

  • Open day - set up a roster for BBQ and stall

  • Open day - buy lollies and bring robot arms for stall

  • Open day - order the sausages

Ben Dix

  • get a donation tin to have at our BBQ


  • Lucas keep us updated with Realy for Life


  • Need ideas for fundraising activities for Bogan Bingo

  • Can people who haven’t paid for ECOMS ball pay ASAP

XV.End of Document

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