Merely Plankton

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erely Plankton

Pre-class Activity
Scrambled plankton

Introduction: Soon you will be taking the Merely Plankton Class at Driftwood Education Center. This is a great class because you get to learn all about plankton and why it is important. Read and follow the directions below for a fun and exciting activity!
Directions: Below are three sets of scrambled words. The words are complete words, spaces are added to aid in putting them together. On the line next to each word try to unscramble the letters to make a complete word. When you have unscrambled the words, try your best to use the words in a description of what you think you will be doing during Merely Plankton. Also describe what you might be learning about plankton.(Hint: the words are grouped together to help you find similarities)

KAN OPL TN ___________________________

EWTRA ___________________________

FDITR ___________________________

LASML OSMGSRNSIA ____________ _____________

(2 separate words )

KLO ZNO AON TP ___________________________

PTN HAKT YLN OPO ___________________________

IAA LNM ___________________________

TLN AP ___________________________

EIRSOPMCOC ___________________________

RIRVE ___________________________


Note: To make it easier for younger students give them the opportunity to look at a word bank.

Plankton, water, drift, small organisms, Zooplankton, Phytoplankton, Animal, Plant, Microscope, river

erely Plankton

Post-class Activity

Directions: You are now scientists that have successfully examined plankton in the Frederica River!!! Below is a chart that has some words that should be familiar to you. In the chart, 1) mark with an ‘X’ whether Zooplankton and Phytoplankton applies to the four categories and 2) give examples of phytoplankton and zooplankton from what you saw at Driftwood in it’s appropriate box.(the examples will either go under the plant or animal plankton depending on which one you mark). When you are done answer the questions.



Animal Plankton

Plant Plankton





Plankton gives off a very important substance that allows us to breath. What is the substance?


How does plankton get around in the water?_____________________________________
How does phytoplankton get its food? What about Zooplankton?

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