Metadata Maestro Practical (and the new ‘features’ I have found)

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Metadata Maestro

  • Practical (and the new ‘features’ I have found)



  • In creating this practical session I have found bugs:

    • Metadata editor refresh
    • Template file identifier
    • Metadata Maestro is supported via MEDIN
    • There is a programme in place to ensure that bugs are tracked and fixed
    • Please alert me to any problems you have

Metadata Editor


  • Profile

    • Select a profile
      • MEDIN Discovery Profile (Datasets and Series)
      • MEDIN Discovery Profile (Services)
    • Builds a tree of nodes


  • Nodes

    • Reflects ISO 19115 structure
    • Reflects profile names
    • Indicates obligation of elements

Red Bar / Green Bar


    • Create templates for re-use
    • *.szz file
    • Some idiosyncrasies (bugs)
      • File identifier
      • Identification information


File Identifier

  • System generated UUID:

    • Automatically changes for new metadata
    • Can be saved to a template
      • CARE – if this is done the same file identifier can be used for all metadata instances based on the template
      • Delete the file identifier before saving the template
      • This forces the file identifier to be re-created when the template is loaded

UUID Creator

  • Tools > UUID Creator


  • Save metadata as OGC KML

    • Elements mapped:
      • Resource title -> Placemark name
      • Abstract -> Placemark description
      • ISO 19139 XML -> ExtendedData
      • Geographic bounding box -> Placemark Polygon



  • Local cache:

    • EPSG Geodetic Parameter (?)
    • EDMO Database – contacts
    • NERC Vocab Server – keywords
  • Online:

    • GEMET Thesaurus


  • Updates can be:

    • Automatic at startup
    • Invoked manually (Tools > Refresh Cached Lists)
    • Folder:
      • [user profile]\Local Settings\Application Data\SeaZone\Metadata Maestro Data


  • NERC Data Grid Vocabulary Server

    • Different ways of selecting keywords
    • Search for *water*

Keyword – Anchor encoding

    • Care – manually editing keyword lists will not be encoded using the Anchor element


  • EDMO Database

Contacts Database

  • Local contacts database

EPSG Database

  • Search for geodetic parameters


Save Project

  • Metadata Maestro Project

    • Saves the state of most open forms
    • Produces *.szmp file

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