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Microsoft Clustering

  • Sean Roberts, Jean Pierre

  • SLAC

Microsoft Clustering Terminology

  • Network Load Balancing Cluster (NLB)

  • Component Load Balancing (CLB)

  • Server Cluster

  • Compute Cluster

Functionality of the different types of MS cluster solutions

  • NLB and CLB are stateless Ethernet based load balancing service, no additional hardware required

  • Server Cluster is a fault tolerant stateful service, networked storage and dual NIC required

  • Computer Cluster is a data compute service, at least dual NIC required

Overview of requirements and MS cluster products

Network Load Balancing (NLB)

  • NLB has no status as it is stateless

  • Web, Terminal, and VPN typical services run on NLB

  • Interconnect by MAC address sharing

  • Resources generally application being load balanced only

Component Load Balancing (CLB)

  • CLB has no status as it is stateless

  • Web COM+ typical services run on CLB

  • Using NLB as interconnect

  • Resources generally COM+ application being load balanced only

Server Cluster

Compute Cluster

  • One or more head nodes must run Compute Cluster, remaining head and compute nodes can be Compute Cluster or Windows 2003 x64

  • Remote administration and job scheduling can be run from Windows 2003 or Windows XP

  • Using MS-MPI supporting C, Fortran77, and Fortran90 (version of MPI2, compatible with MPICH implementation)

  • Using PXE for deployment of nodes

Sharepoint NLB & Cluster Validation

  • Sharepoint web pages and configuration are pulled directly from SQL. All changes made from the application are seen immediately upon refresh of web pages

  • Sharepoint runs on IIS and is a valid app for NLB (with server persistence set)

  • Sharepoint runs on MS SQL which is a certified application that cooperatively works with the cluster service

Sharepoint High Availability Technologies

  • Network Load Balancing – used to keep the virtual web site available in the event of a web server failure

  • Active/Passive SQL Cluster – used to minimize service downtime in the event of a SQL server failure

Sharepoint NLB & Cluster Architecture

File Cluster Architecture


  • Network Load Balancing (NLB) FAQ

  • Component Load Balancing (CLB) FAQ

  • MS Server Clusters FAQ

  • MS Compute Cluster

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