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Filologiya məsələləri, 2017 
Azerbaijani epos provide rich materials from a perspective of studying 
typological relations of folklore and magic. Essentially, this is the case 
related to typology of epic genres. Every single epos preserves its founder’s 
national and spiritual values. From this aspect, our nation’s ancient-
mythological as well as magical-mythological outlooks have kept their traces 
in Azerbaijani epos. One of such epos is “Asly-Karam”. This epos of love 
differs from the rest due to the richness of its magical outlooks. The epos 
completely consists of magical imaginations. Both of the opposing 
characters represent magic here. Karam is the positive hero while Black 
Priest is the negative hero. Magic is the weapon of both characters. Karam 
battles using the help of applause and curse. Black Priest, however, uses 
spell, magic and occult methods. 
Rəyçi fil.ü.f.d., dos. Afaq Ramazanova 

Filologiya məsələləri, 2017 
Bakı Biznes Universiteti 
Açar sözlər: böyük, böhran, adi, real, faciə 
Key words: tremendous, depression, ordinary, realistic, tragedy 
Ключевые слова: огромный, депрессия, обычный, реалистический, 
Honestly I was deeply imprested after reading “Of Mice and Men”. I 
read the book without stopping, on one breath. There was such feeling that 
all scenes were played directly in front of my eyes. I can’t simply choose the 
word to express my feelings about this book. This book is just marvelous, 
tremendous, and gorgeous. This is such kind of book that after reading you 
stay speechless. You are full of emotions that strangle you and you become 
out of breath. John Steinbeck had his own manner of writing that 
distinguished him from others. The problems that he touched sound with all 
times just changing its views and forms. Problems are actual, people are 
actual similar with all periods. In this work John Steinbeck described 
America in a condition of the Great Depression. Chaos, lack of money, 
hunger, isolation etc. In this period people tried to earn money by any ways. 
The main aim was just survive. But George and Lennie didn’t want simply 
survive. It was something mystic for them. They had a dream. They wanted 
the ranch, rabbits and different animals. Maybe their dreams were just 
umbrella where they just tried to protect themselves from the rain of reality. 
How so little things are necessary for few people only happiness! And how 
they were happy that they had dreams! 
George and Lennie are two best friends wandering across America 
during the Great depression for job searching. Low and dexterous George 
wants to save up some money to buy his own ranch. Physically strong, but 
childly naive Lennie, who suffered from autism, has simple dreams to have 
his part of land where he can take care of his rabbits and some other animals. 
Having arrived to a new place, young people meet Slim, the strongest worker 
on the ranch, and the owner's son Curley. Slim at first sight has sympathy for 
George and Lennie, and the X boxer Curley wasn't so friendly to these two 
  Curley envied physical power of Lennie and therefore constantly tried 
to find something weird in Lennie and created the fight and beat him. On the 

Filologiya məsələləri, 2017 
ranch also lived Curley's wife, the lonely young and beautiful woman who 
couldn’t realize her dreams and leaded the ordinary life being ranch owner’s 
son wife. With the husband who she never loved. George at first sight didn’t 
like Curley’s wife and noticed Lennie to be careful with her. Curley’s wife 
affected George and Lennie's further destiny and opened the door of tragedy 
for these two men. Other characters also have their specific features that 
color this work.  
 All these characters are the pieces of puzzles and reading all of them 
we get the whole picture. Crooks is one of the character that makes the work 
more dramatic and shows how the person can be unhappy and loneliness that 
the person leads and his or her isolation makes him or her absolutely 
tolerable and accepts life without any question and only ascertains the facts 
that you can’t change anything. And one character that we have to mention is 
Candy, his sorrow about his life and about his dog that he didn’t shoot with 
own hands. And regrets that can’t be changed.  
  Of course mice play just symbolic part in this novel. Here is less talk 
about mice and thanks mice we get aware that Lennie, the main hero of the 
novel, is a man who has mental problems. Lennie loves stroking mice. And 
his main problem was that he liked to stroke all beautiful things that he liked. 
All the rest characters are people. Here is mentioned about people’s 
unjustified cruelty, dissoluteness, hopelessness, hopeness, friendship which 
comes to an end when becomes inconvenient, and about dreams which are 
never can become the real. The main leitmotif in this work is utopia. 
We can freely call John Steinbeck the master of great description of 
characters of people, their inner world and their hesitation, struggles, suffers 
etc. All his characters become not bookish but realistic you feel that you are 
not reading the book but you are in the middle of the happened action. And 
this is the main artistry of the writer. Reading this book we are getting sure 
that this work full of dramatism and psychologism. 
   George and Lennie travel from one farm to another hoping to earn at 
least a little money to buy a farm of their dream where they can grow their 
own animals and food, be their own master. They want to be independent 
and live with their own life. Lennie is the man of good-nature but with 
mental problems he generally doesn’t understand what he does but he is 
physically strong man. But George is the other side of the coin because he is 
rational person and Lennie is just physically too strong man. They complete 
and help each other.  
  George always protects Lennie with all possible ways that he can but 
it’s pitty that not till the end. Maybe killing Lennie George helped him much 
more rather than covering his mistakes. Maybe George understood that He 
just lied to himself that he helped Lennie but in reality he just spoiled his life 

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