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Filologiya məsələləri, 2017

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Filologiya məsələləri, 2017 
and the people surrounding him. But in other hand friendship lasting for 
many years where people share with all things that they have and with what 
they have not. It could cost to something or everything. But in the world 
where people mice, and their actions unpredictable and they get ready to 
shoot the dog who is old enough, who hardly can walk and eat because 
hasn’t any teeth, almost blind and helpless, then it’s really hard to be sure 
that you really can trust to someone and it is impossible to be sure what will 
bring you tomorrow. 
  Lennie had George his friend. Lennie even never thought that 
something could happen with George and he thought that George would 
never leave him and always would save him from any danger. Lennie trusted 
George more than himself and therefore obeyed everything that George 
dictated him because for Lennie George knew everything. For Lennie 
George couldn’t deceive. 
   And George understands that Lennie can’t survive in this world 
without his help. And that’s why George always tries to find a job for both of 
them, looks for a place for lodging for the night, makes plans for the future, 
provides themselves with food and bread. 
   Finally they started to work on the ranch where everybody accepted 
Lennie as strong and silent strange man, but hardworking guy, but one 
incident on the ranch turned Lennie into enemy. For one moment Lennie 
turned to ancient dog who was shot in the back of the head because he 
bacame unnecessary. Workers as mice came out from their burrows and 
started to find out Lennie. Lennie was too afraid and understood only one 
thing that he did something wrong and tried to hide where Gorege showed 
him. Because Lennie was a man who suffered from autism. Of course we 
can freely say that Lennie didn’t suffer from his illness. He didn't understand 
and didn't realize his illness.  
  Lennie accepted the world not as it was but how he understood it 
through his own understanding. He had his thoughts, own imaginations and 
dreams. And Lennie’s only world was George, he accepted the world 
through his eyes. Lennie always had his friend George near him who 
preserved Lennie from dangers, he protected him from attacks of strangers 
and he warned Lennie from all possible problems how he could. But final 
scene shoked me. Till the end I hoped that the final of the book will not end 
fatal. But reading each word and sentence I started to feel more and more 
that the consequences would be heartbreaking. Pessimistic ending really 
made me think about people much more detailly. Life shows it’s real facts 
and face suddenly and in some cases we haven’t time to realize it. 
 And George. He knew that it was necessary to help his unfortunate 
friend again, to pull out him from danger. But how? To run away with 

Filologiya məsələləri, 2017 
Lennie equalized to suicide. Without money and without food they can’t 
survive too long. He remembered words of the old man Candy who regretted 
that he didn’t shoot his dog with his own hand. It wasn't necessary to allow 
the stranger to shoot his ancient dog. George shot Lennie. I still remember 
the the voice of this traitor shoot that finalized all dreams that keep these two 
men survive during these hard period. It was unexpected, shocking! I 
couldn't believe in it.  
 Re-reading again and again these lines, I didn't believe that George 
decided to do this action which Candy couldn’t bear to do once with his 
ancient dog. Without suspicious shooting Lennie George alleviated his 
suffering, forever and finalized Lennies meanless life but it was beginning of 
suffering and tormenting for George for the rest of his all life. Spending life 
full of sorrow. But They after all deserved at least light of ray! 
  Now arises such kind of question how is it fare to kill creature, it isn’t 
matter it is animal or person who cannot answer for his or her action who is 
helpless and looks to the world through another person eyes and is sure that 
the person who, he or she, believes never will do treachery to his or her 
address. Treachery is one of the ugly and incurable wound that always 
bleeds. Treachery generally calls when a person leaves his or her friend in 
the trouble, without help. In some cases treachery can pursue some benefit, 
and in some cases can’t pursue any benefit. Treachery hurts person as 
nothing else in the world because you generally meets such kind of things 
from very close person whom you believe without suspicious and generally 
you can’t realize and understand such kind of action by your friend, mother, 
father, and lover and so on.  
  After  treachery  something  inside of you brake and you become 
miserable in your own eyes. Approximately how could the person feel who 
fall into treachery. Something imperceptibly changes in his or her soul, for 
some time he or she becomes empty. Then the anger, offense, desire to 
revenge grows in person’s mind. If person can strangle his or her anger then 
comes forgiveness. But soul emptiness can’t be restoring. What leaves soul? 
First of all belief. Belief that you feel to the people and the world. After 
treacheries you can become strong and understand that in the world exists 
only one person whom you can believe, it’s only you.  
  George believed that finally he will have the his own part of land 
where he can realize his dreams, he will be master of his own, no one will 
order him what to do, he doesn’t want to be as an ordinary simple worker 
who will throw all his money for drinks and prostitute. And Lennie believes 
that he will have a lot of rabbits, will feed and stroke their soft hair. And 
Curley's wife believes that she will get out of the stuffy town and will go 
round the whole world and she could realize her dream of being actress. And 

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