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Filologiya məsələləri, 2017

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Filologiya məsələləri, 2017 
Candy wants his piece of land and release himself from the pressure of land 
 “Reality is one of the possibilities I cannot afford to ignore”.  
“Leonard Cohen” 
  Consequently? George didn’t have any private land. Lennie didn’t 
have any rabbits. Any tours on the world became true for Curley's wife. And 
everlasting loneliness went on for Crooks. And Candy stayed under pressure 
of land owner without his piece of land. In this story people faced with life’s 
reality, the people understood that their dream would never come true. How 
reality throws dreamers from heavens to the land. For being one hundred 
percent precisely  reality shoots dreamers wings, and they sharply crash 
down and hit to the land, forever remaining cripples, if they could survive or 
being dead. The only happy person in this story was Lennie. He lived, to the 
last breath cherishing his dream and shining from understanding that in his 
life there is a person who will always be with him and that person will never 
betray him. Who knows who is happy and who is unhappy. Fools are always 
much more happier rather than others. It is such injustice to the relation of 
other people, understanding life’s reality and living with its truth, hurts and 
make life unbearable.  
In this book touched many different and main points, but most 
important point, for my opinion is the point of unattainable dream. George 
and Lennie have so great dreams  of the farm, of chickens and rabbits that 
literally infected with their dream of all around and give the light of hope to 
the people who forget what is dream, let it be unreal, let it be utopian but 
such sweet. And one more important point in the play was friendship 
between George and Lennie. In the world, where people stand just for 
themselves, such kind of relations as rare diamond in mountains. Exactly this 
feature distinguishes them from mice. Ability of being friend and ability to 
have dreams. And one of the main factor that makes man a man it’s his 
   The  great  depression,  the  crippled destinies, ruin, poverty, all these 
presses on the person soul and character, kills in person a lot of things, but 
only not dream of happiness. Dreams help to live, survive, they give 
pleasure, give strength of mind in difficult minutes. We always wait for 
something best. They rescue, and sometimes dreams make wonders. 
Immortal dreams make a person to believe something perfect, it isn’t matter 
it can be transfer into reality or not but it’s something that keep a person 
alive. Dreams are as the talkative birds that never stop talking.  
   Writers, poets of all times differently treated to dreams and hopes. 
Some writers considered them as the best human features that keep the light 
of candle fire and heat the person hart forever, and some writers the highest 

Filologiya məsələləri, 2017 
evil  that push the people from mountains of reality. However all writers 
come to one conclusion about dreams. When dreams disappear, there start 
emptiness. Hope, having hidden in heart, gives the chance to be happy even 
among misfortunes. The human nature such is that hides the hopes and 
dreams of people at heart, cherishes them and to the last believes that they by 
all means will come true. Reading literature we meet the subject of hope 
quite often, as well as in life. Dreams are the things that make us strong, give 
to continue our way without stopping and battling with all 
existed problem. It isn’t important who you are, you are Black Crooks, the 
old man with physical problems or simply the worker wandering from one 
farm to another. If you still human being if you yet not a mouse, you dream 
of happiness. 
   Steinbeck  touched  the  theme  of  discrimination, he shows this very 
professionally and fulfilled the work with details, being black and its 
elements that was shown with different forms and consequences that 
described thanks to the character Crooks. And touching this extremely 
gracefully concerns such difficult question as racism. Great disclosure of 
important subjects, by their relatedness to the main narrative line, is the 
highest ability which Steinbeck reached. Steinbeck easily opened the 
unattractive, anti-humane party of society that carries the name of racial 
discrimination. The man thinking that being black is the reason of his 
loneliness. Rasizm and isolation just being black, his physical problems 
makes him unbearable indifferent to the world and makes him pessimist.  
   Especially  reading  the  Crooks’  words and regrets, some people can 
feel him or herself in his skin. Isolation from other people, being tired from 
loneless. Even he could envy the man Lennie who was bitten by life cruelly, 
of course shows that how Crooks was unhappy. Crooks chaffs Lennie 
knowing that he had mental problems, saying that George would leave him 
alone and irritated him and Lennie felt himself how unprotectable child and 
became aggressive. Crying that such kind of things impossible, that George 
will never leave him. Crooks told him that George would never come back 
or something could happen with him or he could die. Lennie got angry and 
said that George was strong enough to stay alive. Lennie’s strong believe to 
George never dies. Crooks mentions that being alone is the hardest thing of 
the world and it’s better to have someone with you and it isn’t matter who is 
she or he, the person is good or bad, cleaver or stupid, just the human that 
cares about you and feel the hand that holds you hand even in troubles and 
happy moments. Crooks aggression comes through his broken life that 
creates for him narrow life without future without hope, his thoughts became 
as black as his skin and discriminates him from his inner world. 

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