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Filologiya məsələləri, 2017

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Filologiya məsələləri, 2017 
him asleep) and attributes, almost always following the noun thy modify (a 
man asleep in his chair).  
Let’s see some examples on the words of the category of state.  
1. The afternoon was full of transfiguring sunshine; some Judas trees 
were abloom in the villa gardens.  
2I did not mind for myself. I should not have cared if had been 
3. His soul was all ablaze with bliss. 
4. We are not afraid of the truth.  
5. The rest of his costurne... were the things he had worn at the 
funeral of his father. So nearly akin are human joy and sorrow.  
6. The lieutenant... Jay asleep on the other bed.  
7. He lit a pool of paraffin on the scullery floor and instantly a nest of 
wavering blue flame became agog for prey. 
8, He rattled and stormed and felt the parlour already ablaze behind 
9. But Mr. Polly's establishment looked more like a house afire than 
most houses on fire contrive to look from start to finish.  
10. You know- everything there is to know about me. There's not 
much, because I have not been alive for very long.  He did not answer. I was 
aware again of that feeling of discomfort.  
The number of such kinds of words are not many in the English 
language. But as they have the functions of predicative, adverb and attribute 
they are called content words.  
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Filologiya məsələləri, 2017 
Məqalə ingilis dilində hal bildirən sözlərdən bəhs edir. Bu sözlər 
qrupu ingilis dilində əsas nitq hissəsi kimi götürülür. Çünki bu qrup sözlərin 
cümlədə funksiyası olur: predikativ, zərflik, təyin. İngilis dilində hal bildirən 
sözlər “a” prefiksi ilə düzəlir və  əsasən cümlədə predikativ funksiyası 
daşıyır. Bu tip sözlərin ingilis dilində o qədər də çox deyil, lakin cümlədə 
funksiyaya malik olduğuna görə onlar əsas nitq hissəsi sırasına daxildir.  
Məqalədə ingilis dilində mövcud olan hal bildirən sözlər haqqında 
kifayət qədər məlumat verilmişdir. Məqalə göstərilən məsələ barədə geniş 
məlumat əldə etmək istəyənlər üçün faydalı ola bilər.   
The paper deals with the words of the category of state in English. 
This group of words are taken as a notional part of speech. Because these 
words have certain functions in the sentence as: predicative, adverb and 
attribute. The words of the category of state in the English language are 
formed by the prefix “a” and are used mainly as predicative in the sentence. 
The number of this type of words are few in English, but having certain 
functions in the sentence they are called content words.  
Enough information about the words of the category of state existing 
in English is given in the paper. The paper may be useful for those who want 
to get information about the mentioned issue.  
Rəyçi: dos. L.A.Məsimova  

Filologiya məsələləri, 2017 
 Azərbaycan Dövlət Neft və Sənaye Universiteti 
Açar sözlər: kurrikulum, oxu, yazı, tədris, tələbə, danışıq, dinləmə, 
səmərəli, yanaşma, metod 
Key words: curriculum, reading, writing, teaching, student, speaking, 
listening, effective, approach, method 
Ключевые слова: учебный план, чтение, писание, обучение, студент, 
разговор, слушание, эффективный, подход, метод 
Language teaching demands a variety of approaches and 
methodologies. There are some approaches that reflect the principles and 
priorities of the English curriculum and that can enhance student’s language 
learning by realizing the aims and learning goals of the curriculum. These 
approaches, however, are not intended to be exhaustive. They should be 
adapted as appropriate to the needs of the school, the class, the student and 
the teacher, and be supplemented from the teacher’s own talents, expertise 
and experience. Listening is an essential element of the communicative 
process because it is through listening that we know what others feel, what 
they know, what they need, and what they want to tell us. It is important, 
therefore, that student’s listening skills are developed and that they learn to 
listen actively. Receptiveness to language involves receiving all of the 
meaning that the speaker or writer wishes to convey. Speech is the most 
common, natural and accessible means of communication. It entails the use 
of both language and non-verbal cues, such as tone of voice, and gesture, to 
convey meaning. Speech facilitates spontaneous expression. It has the 
immediacy of personal interaction and allows for the quick communication 
and reception of thought. Students use speech to express ideas, feelings and 
intuitions and through it they listen to the ideas, feelings, intuitions and 
reactions of others. In the interaction of listening and self-expression 
students can clarify their thoughts, modify their perceptions and expand their 
view of the world. Learning how to use language for different functions in 
different contexts is important for both speaking and writing. In the early 
stages, students will write as they speak. In writing for an ever-widening 
audience, for different purposes and in different genres, students can learn to 
identify and use appropriate language in particular contexts. Students’ 
receptiveness to printed language is, of course, essential, for the achievement 

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