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Cordano, C., Kerlero de Rosbo, N., and Uccelli, A. (2013) Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) as a

strategy for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and other diseases of the central nervous

system.  In  “Stem  Cell-Dependent  Therapies”,  (T.  Haeupl  and  G.  Gross,  eds.),  De  Gruyter

Publisher, Berlin. pp.185-210


Lovato L., Kerlero de Rosbo N., Uccelli A. “Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of

MultipleSclerosis”.  Multiple  Sclerosis  Immunology  -  A  Foundation  for  Current  and  Future

Treatments Editors: Yamamura Takashi; Gran Bruno. Multiple Sclerosis Immunology 2013.

Springer 2013. pp.433-455. CI:1


Muraro PA,  Uccelli A. Immuno-Therapeutic Potential of Haematopioetic and Mesechymal

Stem Cell Transplantation in MS. Editors: Roland Martin, Andreas Lutterotti. Molecular Basis

of Multiple Sclerosis: The Immune System. Springer, 2009 pp237-258


Uccelli  A.,  Franciotta  D.  Neuroimmunologia:  Aspetti  clinici  e  diagnostica  di  laboratorio.

MB&CARE, Collana CAREHandbook, Livorno, 2008


Mancardi G, Uccelli A. Malattie demielinizzanti. In C Loeb E. Favale (eds), Neurologia di Fazio

Loeb. Societa Editrice Universo; 2003. pp. 1111-32.


G. Corallo, Capris P, Barabino S, Cicinelli S, Mastromarino A, Bandini F, Uccelli A, Solaro C,

Zanardi S, Calabria G. Comparison of conventional automated perimetry, short-wavelenght

automated perimetry and frequency-doubling technology in the assessment of patients with

multiple sclerosis. In: Henson Db; Wall M. Perimetry Update 2002/2003, AMSTERDAM:Kugler

Publications. pp. 97-101


't Hart BA, Bontrop RE, Uccelli A. T-cell autoimmunity and EAE in nonhuman primates. RG

Landes Company, 1999 pp19-27


Uccelli A. Animal models of demyelination of the central nervous system. In G. Martino, L.

Adorini (Eds) From basic immunology to immune-mediated demyelination. Springer, 1999

pp233-245 CI: 5


Uccelli A, Mancardi G, Giunti D., Brok H., Roccatagliata L., Capello E., T’Hart B. Experimental

autoimmune encephalomyelitis in the common marmoset Callithrix jacchus. In D. Gambi, P.A.

Muraro,  A.  Lugaresi  (eds),  Advances  in  the  immunopathogenesis  of  Multiple  Sclerosis.

Springer, 1999. pp. 79-84.


Uccelli, A. & Lanchbury, J.S. (1997) Analysis of TCR rearrangements using inverse-PCR. In: The

Antigen T Cell Receptor: Selected Protocols and Applications (ed. by J.R.Oksenberg),. R.G.

Landes and Chapman & Hall, Austin, TX. pp. 266–286


Giunti D, Uccelli A. (1997) Bio-computing T-cell receptor sequences. In: The Antigen T Cell

Receptor:  Selected  Protocols  and  Applications  (ed.  by  J.R.Oksenberg),.  R.G.  Landes  and

Chapman & Hall, Austin, TX


Mancardi G, Uccelli A. Malattie demielinizzanti. In Fazio C. Loeb C. (eds) Neurologia , Società

Editrice Universo, 26:879-901,1996.


Uccelli A, Hauser SL. Multiple Sclerosis and related demyelinating diseases. In Lichtenstein

LM, Fauci AS (eds) Current therapy in Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology, Fifth Edition.

W.B. Sanders. 379-386,1996.


Uccelli A, Hauser SL. Optic Neuritis. In: Guide to Clinical Neurology. Mohr, J.P. and Gautier,

J.C, Eds, Churchill Livingstone, New York. 1995. Pp 861-862


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