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Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

Book of scientific works of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University
(Pedagogical Science)



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Kaspersky Anatoly – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, the head of the chair of technical physics and mathematics of the National M. Dragomanov Pedagogical University;

Ivanytsky Alexander – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, the head of the chair of Physics and methods of its teaching Zaporizhzhya National University.
It is published according to the resolution of the Academic Council of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University (Record № 12 from 04.30.2013)

Bogdanov Igor – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, Vice-Rector in Science, the head of the chair of technical disciplines of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University (Editor); Bakhanov Konstantin – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of the chair of high school pedagogics, management of educational establishments and methods of teaching of social sciences’ disciplines of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University; Gusev Victor – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of the chair of professional pedagogical and method of professional teachong of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University; Koval Lyudmila – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, the head of the chair of elementary education, director of the department of psychological and pedagogical education and arts of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University; Kotlyar Vladimir – candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor, the head of the chair of preschool education of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University; Kryzhko Vasily – candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor, the head of the chair of high school pedagogics, management of educational establishments and methods of teaching of social sciences’ disciplines of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University; Sosnitskaya Natalia – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, the heard of the chair of methods of teaching of physical and mathematical and infirmative technologies in study of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University; Chulkova Ludmila – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of the chair of foreign languages of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University.


Book of scientific works of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University (Pedagogical Science). – Berdyansk : BSPU, 2013. – № 1. – 316 p.

The book has included in the list of scientific publications of HAC of Ukraine (Bulletin of HAC of Ukraine – 2010. – № 5. – P.7).

The book publishes results of pedagogical research of scientists of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University and other higher educational institutions of Ukraine. The publications present new perspectives on actual problems of the theory and history of pedagogics, partial methods.

© Berdyansk State

Pedagogical University


Antonchuk O. Socio-cultural content line of teaching the orthography of the Ukrainian language


Arsen'yeva N., Dorosh O., Role of interdisciplinary connections in teaching cadets the fundamentals of air traffic control in international airspace


Bakulina N. Linguistic basis of the selection of the content of instruction at the lexical level of the Hebrew language for the formation of linguoculturological competence of elementary school students


Barbashova I. The accumulation of experience children’s sensory development in ancient times


Bozhko О. Forming language personality of pupils in 5–9 forms: psycholinguistic basics of mastering of secondary textual activities on the lessons of the Ukrainian language


Borova T. Some peculiarities of higher educational establishment English teachers professional activity in the context of modern society development


Burnasovа V. Innovative methods of development of students’ perfoming independent work in arts departments in the process of instrumental training


Ventseva N. Reformation of the higher pedagogical education system of Ukraine in 40-50 years of the хх century


Vindyuk A. The current state of training of specialists of hotel-restaurant business in Western Europe


Volkova I. The role of anthropological factor in the process of language material study


Holik O. Theatrical Pedagogy in the process of future teachers’ identity formation..


Hordiienko М. Modelling in professional education of adults: andragogical approach


Grytsayova O. Organizational and legal risks and challenges of educational reforming


Gumennikova T. Theoretikal–methodic foundations of magister training of managers to be for strategic planning in educational establishments


Dashevska I. Training technologies in future spetialists‘ of excursion business professional study


Drozdovа I. Technology of Ukrainian language training as goals and objectives implementation concerning professional training of modern specialists


Elkin M. The development of research skills of future teachers of natural-science disciplines in the system of pedagogical education


Zagorodnova V. Study of Ukrainian language in the context of cultures’ dialogue


Zagrebelniy S., Zagrebelna H. Application of innovative technologies with the purpose of optimization of the process of education


Kara S. Teaching practice – an important factor of professional competence formation of future teachers


Korobchenko A. From the history of teaching natural sciences at Kharkiv collegium


Korolyova L. The problem of creative development of junior students


Kuzmina L. The peculiarities of introduction of the personality-oriented Ukrainian professional speech learning of students at technical universities


Luparenko S. The ideas of originality of child in Ukrainian ethnopedagogy


Mayakova I. Teaching tolerance in children's environment by training method


Mehem O. The formation and development of school biological education in secondaryv schools of Ukraine (1937 – 2001)


Miroshnichenko V. Psychological and pedagogical principles of project activity in the senior classes of secondary school


Mosayev Yu. Features of gaming methods in educational activities as an example of social centre "Prominnya"


Mishenina T. Sociocultural factors of informatization of higher humanitarian education in the formation of didactic competence of future teachers of philological specialties


Nahrybelna I. Formation of linguistic personality by means of the students’ idependent work during the studying course “Modern Ukrainian language with practical work”


Nechyporenko V. System development of the establishment: from design to innovative practice


Palamar S. Human-created humanizing function of education in the study of literature in primary schools


Palii Y. Folk pedagogical traditions of family education of the Crimean Greeks


Panova S. Correlation between "competency" and "competence" in scientific-pedagogical literature


Poddubey О. First European university: reasons of foundation


Rybalchenko D. Features of educational services of comprehensive education institution


Sas N. Comprehension as a component of the future leader`s professional competence in the field of innovative management of educational institution


Smagulova N. Special competence of future engineer-teachers as a part of professioal competence


Stoyanov V. Individually oriented approach of formation of physical training specialists by means of innovative technologies


Tkachova N. Annotation on the school repertoire’s works – the important condition of the forming of the self-independent educational-creative work of students-musicians


Tolkachova A. Communicative competence of the individual as psychological and pedagogical problems


Fedchynyak A. Estimation of the pupils’ achievements in study of everyday life history


Chrolenko M. The problem of formation of cognitive and emotional components in the structure of pupils’ ecological consciousness


Chernyh I. Principles of speech development of future doctors


Shevchuk T. Development of health-preserving competence through the formation of healthy diet concept in the high school chemistry course


Yurchenko J. Creative development of the pupil's personality in the educational process in physics by the method of project


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UDC 37 : 811. 161. 2’35

O. Antonchuk,

Ph.D., Associate Professor

(Rivne State University for the Humanities)

Raising of problem. A language keeps and passes from a generation to the generation spiritual values, social experience as a result of human cognition. A culture and language are indissolubly constrained. The constituent of national culture of society is spelling as combination of three subsystems: graphic arts, orthography, punctuations.

On the lessons of Ukrainian there are socialization of students and education of them as tolerant personalities. Studies in modern educational establishment are sent to the capture of schoolchildren by all types of speech activity, in particular by letter, the qualificatory line of that is literacy of spelling, that is formed mainly in texts, dictionary dictations, the subjects of which are presented in a sociocultural semantic line.

Analysis of researches and publications. In works by methodists (О. Bilyayev, М. Vashulenko, М. Pentilyuк, L. Skurativskiy, G. Shelehova) strategy of study of language is certain through the prism of national culture: in the process of studies of the mother tongue of reality of society and culture (as spiritual, so material) must be intelligent personality through a language as values of existence, id.est that has positive value both for a person, and for society. It found reflection in the sociocultural semantic line of studies of Ukrainian [2].

The problem of language personality is examined as interdisciplinary and acquires modern interpretation in connection with thinking of priorities in modern informative space. The linguistic and pedagogical measuring of this question is investigated by М. Vashulenko, М. Pentilyuк, І. Homyak, О. Horoshkovska and others. Language personality is examined as a type of valuable presentation of personality, that contains for itself psychical, ethic, social and other components that is broken in two through a language.

Aim of the article: to find out the features of sociocultural maintenance of studies of orthography of Ukrainian, and also define the ways of realization of sociocultural semantic line as terms of forming of language personality.

The concept of culture is difficult and many-sided. So, among the components of spiritual culture of S. Goncharenко distinguishes: 1) everlasting achievements of folk life (social, national, common to all mankind traditions; genetically select and converted with time way of life; norms of folk moral); 2) normative types of personality; 3) languages as basic code and memory of writing and writing cultures; 4) literatures; 5) art; 6) science; 7) religion; 8) society and state, people are the institutes of social life and activity of humanity, called to protect people, nation, personality [1].

A sociocultural semantic line is presented mainly in texts subjects of that are in the dialogic spheres of relations : "I am Ukrainian and the literature", "I am a national culture", "I am an art", "I am the home country, humanity, Universe", "I am native nature", "I is we", "I is I", that recur in every class with deepening and expansion the content.

The ways of realization of sociocultural semantic line on the lessons of Ukrainian are: a 1) realization of introductory lessons that give socio-cultural information is the condition of forming of world view presentations of students, provide valid attitude toward Ukrainian; 2) uses of texts of sociocultural subjects, analysis of concepts that represent national and common to all mankind spiritual values, form a humanistic world view, develop aesthetic perception of schoolchildren, predetermine enriching of vocabulary in the process of mastering of language standards; become support to the students for creation of own verbal and writing expressions; 3) applications of intersubject connections, that predefined by those functions, which of them execute in studies.

The communicatively-active approach of the study of Ukrainian induces a teacher to develop broadcasting of students not only for the specially taken lessons, and systematic and purposefully during mastering of any language material, in particular in the orthography.

We share the opinion of І. Homyak that work of spelling does not follow the limit to the analysis of rules and implementation of training exercises according to sample, by instruction and task are pre-conditions for the receipt of orthographic knowledge and making of abilities of spelling. Ultimate goal – forming of skills – needs searching activity peculiar to verbal work from schoolchildren [5, p.112].

A sociocultural semantic line includes information, which exposes the phenomenon of personality of society, human association, Ukraine and Ukrainians in their originality and all planet at the same time. It is based on public, cognitive functions of language, a person represents interdependent connection – society is a language – knowledge is a culture and envisages the study of language in the context of private and public life, knowledge and culture represented in it, intercommunications, accumulated in it with cultural acquisitions of the world.

In school practice such types of dictations are widespread: 1) auditory preventive dictation; 2) the commented dictation; 3) sight and rumor preventive dictation; 4) rumors and sight and rumor explanatory dictations; 5) dictation with a writing ground; 6) selective dictation; 7) dictionary dictation; 8) free dictations; 9) creative dictations; 10) dictionary and selective creative dictations; 11) graphic dictation. Presently teachers-philologists use a dictation-algorithm, dictation-hypothesis, dictation-test, dictation of informative action.

During implementation of dictation-hypothesis students, deciding linguistic tasks, enter own suppositions, formulate a conclusion, checking up it practically. The aim of dictation of informative action is a decision of educational tasks, personal interest of children in new, problem questions of linguistic on the whole and orthographic in particular.

One of types of checking dictation that has educational character is short dictation or dictation with conversation. This dictation consists of 2-10 words with unchecking or difficult checking orphograms in a root. Before to write down these words, students talk them in whisper, clearly pronouncing sounds and trying to memorize their writing. A record is here checked up by a teacher. Those words in which schoolchildren accomplish errors join in next short dictations to that moment, while they will not memorize their writing. This work serves for a reiteration and is conducted at the beginning of lesson ("orthographic five minutes"). Essence of dictionary creative dictation consists in that a teacher dictates not a sentence, but separate words, students write them down in the set form. Such exercises are conducted mostly during working of case forms of nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numerals or personal completions of verbs. For example, with the aim of fixing of degrees of comparison of adjectives words are dictated: wide, long., and students form and write down their forms: more wide, more long and other.

During selective creative dictation from text, that a teacher reads, student, writes certain words, at once putting them in the set form (not in that in a context). For example, work over the theme of "Completion of nouns of II of abolition in the genitive case of singular". For selective creative dictation additionally the text saturated by the nouns of this group in different cases is gathered. Schoolchildren write them down in the genitive case of singular.

We offer texts of dictations for students of 6-7 forms the subjects of that embrace such dialogic spheres of relations : "I am a national culture", "I am native nature".

Text of dictation for the students of sixth form (14 orphograms):
In the evening wind calmed down and frost, and at night brought down quiet, thick snow. Horizons were done by wider and more ringing, steppe already kept quiet by winds, but calmed down, came to heel. Villages lay in boundless white silence. The puff of smoke smelled cossack. The first ice sparkled daggers.

Snow blinded eyes to the people and bird. Goldfinches fought in windows, thought that sky. They flew on vegetable gardens, pecked burdocks, heatedly twisted heads in jockey little caps. Blue titmice in black aprons and yellow sweaters bragged: " Will do blue sky, will do blue sky".

By quiet winter evenings a month slid gold on snows, abandoned blue delicate shadows on them. On wells icy caught fire at a month. They were strong and hard, as if ice.

(After Hryhorij Тyutyunyk.)

Text of dictation for seventh-formers (19 orphograms):

Magic of word

A word, if it is said of by mouths, has the special value. Since time immemorial the magic was equated with the greatest human internals. Not for nothing, if wanted in old times to confirm inviolability of truth, then at all people swore: "Upon my honour"!

It already in our time is lost maintenance of this expression, because quite often it became a verbal toy for frivolous people. Consequently we left off to believe in truth of this noble oath.

Between that a traditional moral was based on authority of word, it to the high mission and indisputability. Especially it touched domestic etiquette. But priority beyond controversy belonged to the head of family – father. A paternal word was not only a law to be taught, united and asserted moral modes. At the same time honour to the paternal word required the special responsibility and worldly virtues from the last. (116 w.)

(For V. Skurativskiy.)

We offer the row of dictionary dictations sociocultural maintenance of that will assist forming of language personality, will enrich the spiritual world of schoolchildren in the context of Christian tradition of the Ukrainian people. Words reached in accordance with calendar celebration of events, saints, sights of architecture and church art from September to May, and also summer ceremonial cycle.

Pоchayv of laurel, Dormition of Divine Mother, Кyiv-Vyshgorod icon of the most Holy Divine Mother, reverend fathers Кyiv-Pechersk, reverend Іоv Pоchayivskiy, Forerunner and Lord Ivan, right-believing prince Oleksandr Nevskiy, Chernihiv-Gefsimanska icon of Divine Mother, saint right-believing princes Boris and Hlib, reverend martyr Macarius Kaniv, Christmas of the most Holy Divine Mother, reverend Кuкshа Odesa.

Кyiv-Pechersk lavra, right-believing large prince Ihor the Chernihiv and Kyiv, saint metropolitan Dmytro Тuptalо, reverend Dоsifeya Kyiv, Near caves, first metropolitan Kyiv Mykhajlo, Pokrova, reverend Oleksij Кarpatoruskiy, saint bishop Volodymyr-Volynskiy Amfilohiy, Cathedral of the Volyn saints, reverend prince Chernihiv Mykola Svyatosha, Zvyrynttska icon of Divine Mother.
Svyatogersk of laurel, Dmytryvskа paternal Saturday, shymnyk Pechersk Іlarion, Distant caves, reverend Nestor Lytowriters, reverend Theophilus Kyiv, Cathedral of new martyrs and confessors of the Zaporizhzhya diocese, Cathedral of Аrhistratig Mykhajlo, angel, Pylypivka, Gospel, Psalter.

Introduction to the temple of the most Holy Divine Mother, Saint Sunday cathedral, father superior Pechersk Varlaam, apostle Andrii, Bible, patriarch, great martyr Varvara, yepytrahyl, saint Mykola, Cathedral of the Crimean saints, bishop Кamyanets-Podylskiy Amvrosii, felon.

Christmas is dominical, christmas carol, shchedrivk, saint Petro Mohyla, Cutting Lord, Epiphany, reverend Іоnа Kyiv, saint Theophane Vyshenskiy, christmas Eve, priest, yepytymiya, eucharist.

Saint martyr Volodymyr Bogoyavlenskiy, Cathedral of new martyrs and confessors Russian, Universal paternal Saturday, saint archbishop Chernihiv Theodosiy, Shrovetide, the lend, Аndryyivskiy lowering, Horologion, Saint Spirit, Son the Divine, Sofia cathedral, liturgy.

A right-believing prince Yaroslav Wise, prayer service, saint Таrasiy Constantinople, Warm Оleksy, Forty saints, reverend Oleksij Golosiyivskiy, reverend Parpheniy Kyiv, Praise of the most Holy Divine Mother , acathistus, Judas silver coins, Volodymyr Large, Apostle.

Lady day, father superior Кyiv-Pechersk Nichon, Lazarevs Saturday, Palm Sunday, Last Supper, Large Saturday, Calvary, Easter, paska, Light week, Аntypasha, Radonytsa.

Sunday of saint ladys- carry the world, saint bishop Volodymyr-Volynskiy Stefan, reverend Amfilohiy Pоchayivskiy, reverend Кyiv-Pechersk Theodosiy, Ascension Lord, Levels to the apostles Kyryl and Methodius, just Іоnа Odesa, Trinity, Petro and Pavlo, Petrivка, Transforming, reverend Fedir Оstrozkiy.

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