Minutes of Committee Meeting Held on 18th January 2016 At Mildenhall Social Club

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Minutes 2015

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Held on 18th January 2016

At Mildenhall Social Club
The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm
David Wharton (Chairman), Claire Darkins (Secretary) and Tammy Aves (Treasurer)


Heather Dale, Angela Palmer, John Crockett, Shell Crockett, Biddy Spencer, Ray Mascall, Teresa Amoss, Marina Dunbavin and Rick Chidgzey


Howard Spary, Pat Jefferies and Sylvia Manels (Steward)


The minutes were proposed by Shell Crockett and seconded by Angela Palmer and accepted as a true record of the meeting.

Ray Mascall verbally resigned and left the meeting.
Chairman’s Report

Nominations for Chair, Treasurer and Committee will be placed on the notice board this evening. David informed everyone that he will not be standing as Chairman for 2016/17 due to personal reasons.

Treasurer’s Report

As all the figures are with the Accountant who is preparing the end of year figures no financial details were available for the meeting, the Accountant will have the accounts ready by the end of the week and they will be posted on the notice board before the AGM.

The current bank balance stands at £39,000
Secretary’s Report

The Secretary had nothing to report.

Steward’s Report

Due to the Stewards absence there was nothing to discuss.


All Sunday entertainment has been cancelled apart from when there is a Bank Holiday, acts have been rescheduled for a Friday or Saturday evening which are more popular.

We have had a facebook request from a member of the public asking if they can have their Children’s Book Stall up in the foyer one weekend, it was agreed that it would be better to ask them to come to one of our Craft Fairs or to one of our children’s party’s.
The quiz nights are proving popular so will continue on a monthly basis.
The 6 T’s have been booked for 8th October.
The Psychic evening tickets are selling well and it was agreed to offer orange juice or wine as the complimentary drink on arrival.
There has been some confusion about the funds raised from the raffles which are used for the children’s party’s and the pensioners party. It was agreed that the Club would pay for initial prizes to start them off again for 2016.

Committee members were confirmed for the forthcoming evenings.

Next Committee meeting 15/2/16 at 7.30pm
New Memberships and Hire of Hall Applications

New Memberships and Hire of hall applications were agreed with all being accepted.

Trustees Report

Ken Thompson, Gary Peachey and Richard Alecock (Accountant Whiting & Partners) joined the meeting.

An open discussion was had between the Trustees and the Committee on how the Club will go forward in the future, it was agreed that the Trustees will attend the AGM where members can ask questions.
Any Other Business

There was an incident before Christmas between a member and a Committee member, the Chairman and the two Officers dealt with this under the Clubs Disciplinary rules. The matter is now closed.

The washing machine in the Stewards flat which belongs to the Club has broken down and it was agreed to purchase a new one on the understanding that it remains as part of the Club’s fixtures and fittings.
We have obtained a defibrillator from the British Heart Foundation and part of the agreement was that it would be fixed to the outside wall so it can be accessed if the Club is closed. CD’s have been sent on how to use it and can be lent out on request.
It was agreed to put Friday opening time back to 12 noon.
The proposals that the Committee would like to put forward at the AGM were finalised.
The food at the pensioners Christmas Party was discussed and it was agreed to do some research and bring the findings back to the next meeting.
An increase in the bar prices was discussed and agreed to be increased as and when the brewery increases their prices or when there is a budget. The next increase will be in February.
Teresa thanked David for all his hard work over this last year and wished him well for the future, the same was said to Committee members who have decided not to stand in 2016/17.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 10.15pm

Secretary Date

Chair Date

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