Misha Williams

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It's an incredible story. We just want to help you get it 
told as it should be. 
Exactly. Brian's book ,"Exploration Fawcett", sold a few 
copies but really it hid the true story. Because Brian is 
jealous of his father and brother. Brian's life has been a 
failure, you know. It's such a shame because he has 
some talent. But he resists success as if it were poison. 
I'm so glad you've come to me about your project
because Brian won't help you one jot.  
Our film would get your husband's name back on the 
world stage, where it deserves to be. 
Yes. An epic. Hollywood has beckoned so many times 
and Brian always puts them off. We never hear again 
after the first enquiry.  Why shouldn't money be made 
out of this? I helped Brian with "Exploration Fawcett." 
He paid me not a penny. I have a right surely of some 
humble remuneration for the years…the years of…just 
managing in "genteel poverty" in boarding houses all 
over Britain, craving the recognition, the 
acknowledgement of a loyal wife. Dreaming of the 
wealth of lost cities that was always just beyond his 
reach. Don't I deserve something for all my patience? 
Something better than existence in a boarding house
among potty old people all waiting for death. But I 
won't be dragged down. I know my husband will return 
to me. And in the meantime I want to keep his 
memory in the public mind and make some money out 
of it. What is so wrong with that? 
Albert's going to need access to the "secret archive." 
How do we get it if Brian's so protective? 
Leave it to me. I'll just say I want to borrow some of 
the crucial documents. They are actually my property 
after all. I'll phone him right now… 

She starts to wheel herself out and then pauses. 
             You don't think my husband was a failure do you? 
Oh God, no!  
Oh good. I won't be long. 
She leaves. 
A failure. Yes, Al. She hit the nail on the head. He 
never found one shred of evidence and The Royal  
Geographical Society just think he was a nutter. 
Keep your voice down. 
They continue talking in a hushed intensity. 
….like it seems several other members of his family. 
You cannot deny it's a fantastic story! Looking for lost 
cities, still inhabited by ancient unknown races!  
People don't want films about failure. He failed. 
You don't know whether he failed! 
Haven't you learned anything, Al?  After all your time 
in this business? You could really make your name with 
something more commercial. This is a dead end! 
You really are the kiss of death. 

Thanks very much. 
To anything with fire and excitement. You're 
Thanks very much. 
Sorry. I didn't mean…  
He tries to touch her affectionately. She moves away abruptly. 
(Fiercely) OK. I wouldn't dream of touching you… You 
did say we'd take this to your friend Ida de Milt in L.A. 
as a final shot! 
Did I? Ida is now producing musicals and adventure 
movies packed with sex and violence.  
If I re-thought it so it fell in with your and her concept 
of entertainment. And yet somehow protected the 
story's fragile priceless quality. 
Oh, yeah. 
If I made her a version that fitted her formula... 
So suddenly you're throwing away your precious 
integrity and going all commercial.  
(Smiling) Yes. 

(Laughing at him) You're lying! (Suddenly going 
serious) I've lived with you and the Fawcett project for 
too long. It's got nowhere. We've got nowhere. It's 
fucked your life up. It's not going to fuck up mine. 
(Exaggerating to make her laugh more) Ida de Milt is 
going to have a script crammed with sex, violence and 
fucking musical song and dance numbers… 
As if !! 
She can have anything she fucking wants to make this 
into a fucking HOLLYWOOD EPIC!  
'Can't believe what I'm hearing…….Alright. I'll do one 
last thing for Fawcett. I'll ring Ida. But then that's it.    
(Calmed down) Thank you….Suddenly I feel great. Let's 
go for a drink. 
They start to leave as the light fades on them and comes up on BRIAN. 
BRIAN is on the  phone.. 
Joan!… Mother has gone stark raving mad. She's just 
phoned trying to wheedle some of Daddy's secret 
papers out of me. Pretending they were for her to 
read, but I know she wants to lend them to a certain 
slimy TV director! You know what TV has tried to do 
with Daddy's story? Mother knows only too well how 
Hollywood has tried to turn Daddy into Indiana Jones! 
I'm not having it. Daddy's real story is top secret and 

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