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therefore dynamite karmically. Don't imagine Daddy 
wasted his life in chasing rainbows, Joan. He had a 
supreme mission, which he fulfilled! To bring up Jack, 
unsullied and deliver him to the intended destination.  
It is important that the published material is accepted 
as complete. We must keep what we know entirely to 
ourselves. My task is to give the media people 
information that is already known while making them 
think they are getting something new. This was 
difficult with Albert de Winton because he wasn't a 
fool. Anyway he's prowling around trying to get at 
Daddy's "background" as he puts it and may well 
contact you.  I need hardly say Joan….(He becomes 
more relaxed and chirpy) Oh, good girl. I know you 
wouldn't dream of it…. Because you're evolved and so 
am I. But Mother! Christ, her Karma is due for 
destruction if she carries on in her insane, reckless 
manner… I just had a call from Mrs Orr, Mother's 
landlady. And she is of the opinion that Mother's a 
mental case. The other ladies in the guest house can't 
stand her because she talks, talks, talks endlessly 
about herself and even stops strangers in the street to 
tell them about her life and she's careering through 
her last £105 pounds like there was no tomorrow…Are 
you feeling better, Joan? I was sorry to hear about 
your fallen arches. Getting old is a nuisance. And 
Jean?… Thank you. And send my love to him. Oh 
good. Yes, she still thinks you made a bad mistake 
marrying a "Swiss worm" as she calls him. Pots of 
love… Oh, Ruth's feeling a bit tender. I cooked  a 
strong curry for supper and she was up half the night.  
(He chuckles)  Alright, Joan. I think we can keep them 
at bay.  
RUTH enters. 
Just stay vigilant and don't even open the door to 
media people! 'Bye.   
Brian! What is going on? I always get left out of 
everything. There are always these dramas with your 
family and you never tell me a thing. It's just not fair. 

Ruthie. I couldn't live without you. You are the anchor 
on my sanity. So I'm taking you into Carlisle for a 
cream tea, darling. 
Oh, Brian! You certainly know how to satisfy a woman.  
I don't know what I'd do if you ever went first. 
What do you mean? 
I mean died first. Before me. 
Oh, how could you? From cream teas to death! 
You're always full of surprises.  
There's a bus at quarter to. Come on! 
They start to go. On the other side of the stage JACK and RALEIGH enter 
and crouch down looking like two ragged fugitives. "M" enters and stops 
BRIAN leaving. She takes him by the hand to watch the following. 
I'd hoped it would be more picturesque. When I agreed 
to be the expedition photographer. I thought there 
would be more…there would be less green. Less flat. 
More mystery and drama in the landscape . It's just 
boiling hot. Aren't you sorry you didn't go to Hollywood 
instead? That actress on the voyage . She could have 
got you straight into flicks. Your father could have gone 
without us. 

Don't be daft. 
I would've joined you. Now we're stuck going round in 
circles. What's happening to us for God's sake?  I don't 
understand this mystic stuff of your father's. It's all 
beyond me and I'm worried. 
Why don't you just go back?  Father has asked you to 
go back several times. He doesn't believe you're up to 
this…. journey. I wouldn't think any less of you, old 
I'm not bloody going back. On my own. It's extremely 
dangerous. Indians. Bandits… I promised my mother I 
wouldn't take any risks. She wants me back alive. 
(almost in tears) I just want to get back to my motor-
bike. It was great Jack, you must admit, tearing round 
the Devon lanes on our bikes. Don't you miss your 
Raleigh. We were close at school. And then "debs 
delights" together and parties. But life moves on…It's 
very sad. People develop at different speeds. I feel I've 
outgrown you, old chap. 
You pompous arse!  
It was fun. But those days are over. I have a special 
task. And I must proceed with it. Part of Daddy's 
doctrine is the idea that every person in their life has a 
task that they must accomplish otherwise their soul will 
not develop. And I follow that. 
Well I've got a special task that I must accomplish… 

He starts to go. 
This journey's obviously giving you enlightenment but 
it's giving me nothing but the shits! 
He moves off uneasily, trying to control his bowels. 
Sudden blackout. 
Was it like that? 

Of course . You know Raleigh just wasn't up to 
roughing it. He would've made a good gigolo. Living off 
wealthy women. 
I think he was homosexual and just wanted to follow 

He wanted material wealth fast. He would have loved 
to have found lost treasure on that journey. That's why 
your father and Jack had to get rid of him. He was just 
all wrong for their "Great Scheme". 
Poor Raleigh. We used to lark around at school. We 
saw a show together once with a strange banter we 
used to repeat. "You remind me of a man. What man? 
Man with a power. Power of what? Power of voodoo. 
Who do? You do!"  He used to be incredible fun. God, 
it's all gone…And yet it's still vividly in here (pointing to 
his brain)
Moving away from "M" and speaking to the audience. 

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