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 "Looking for Fawcett" was "just an excuse" claimed the Brazilian 
government who imagined many were foreign agents secretly looking for 
mineral deposits.   
The Skeleton Hoax 
In 1952 the famed Vilas Boas brothers, agents representing the interests 
of forest Indians of the Kuluene area, wanted to stop the white incursions. 
They dug up the skeleton of an Indian elder and claimed it  
was Fawcett's. Brian was flown  to Brazil, all expenses paid, by a 
newspaper magnate called Assis Chateaubriand and invited to shake 
hands with the Kalapalos, "his father's killers". What a press scoop! 
Although Brian had with him his father's spare set of dentures to test on 
the skull, although the skull had its front teeth intact while the denture 
consisted of two front false teeth to replace those lost in a school rugger 
match, although the skeleton was examined later by experts at Claridges 
Hotel back in London and found to be of a five foot two Indian while the  
Fawcett party were all over six foot, Chateaubriand and the world press 
did not want facts to get in the way of a good story and so Dyott's myth 
and the Vilas Boas hoax endured. Currently, one young member of the 
Kalapalos tribe openly admits that the Vilas Boas brothers wrote the 
whole script for this hoax and had tried to pass off the skeleton of their 
elder as Fawcett's remains and claims his people now want the skeleton 
back from where it is stored today, in a medical school in Sao Paulo.   
But all this remains mainly unknown to the public, and as recently as 
1996 an expedition of credulous American Brazilians headed off North-
East (Dyott's false trail again!) to the Kuluene region and got captured 
and stripped and threatened with death by the Kalapalos for their pains. In 
1998 a BBC TV documentary starting off with good intentions but also 
going to Dyott's false location seems to have got hijacked by the BBC 
publicity department who brazenly suggested the film solved the Fawcett 
mystery. Thereby history was confused even further.  
One can imagine the anger and dismay experienced by Fawcett's wife 
Nina, not just over Dyott but over the Vilas Boas hoax. Brian, now the 
keeper of his father's papers, was determined that not a word of Fawcett's 
true objectives would ever be revealed. The world was "not ready" for 

The Secret Papers reveal Fawcett was heading North-West from Cuiaba. 
This will stun most Fawcett enthusiasts but it must be faced to take the 
investigation further, if it is ever taken further. 
Fawcett intended to meet up with Nina, as well as his best friend Harold 
Large and others in Amazonia as I will explain and they certainly were 
aware of his precise route and its geographical destination. 
What Brian Concealed 
In Exploration Fawcett, Brian covered over his father's actual route and 
objectives. Brian's private writings reveal and surviving letters show that 
the quest for lost cities was a blind. By 1924 these were not on Fawcett's 
main agenda. He writes to his wife on 23rd May 1925 and now 
approaching sixty years old, "But for the Occult side - everything else is 
peripheral (!), I scarcely see how anyone could do these expeditions."  
There is a glaring contrast between the content of Exploration Fawcett 
and the Secret Papers. 
1. Exploration Fawcett presents an Indiana Jones-style adventurer 
enduring hair-raising and violent experiences in dangerous jungle. 
(Some believe the Indiana Jones story is influenced by this book). 
The Secret Papers reveal a quiet, introverted academic. Fawcett comes 
across as dedicated and obstinate in his obsession; a pacifist, a vegetarian 
ascetic, a socialist with democratic convictions, anti-establishment and a 
2. Amazonia in Exploration Fawcett is largely drawn by Brian's dramatic 
imagination. When I went there, following Fawcett's real route, I 
certainly did not recognize what I had read in the book and certainly not 
what was described as the local topography in the Secret Papers. 
Amazonia in the Secret Papers is gruelling but according to Fawcett 
"preferable to so-called civilized life in Devon." The planned route to "Z" 
in the Secret Papers is an allegory, for he intends to search for elements 
that do not exist in this area; "a desert, some ice-capped mountain country 
and tunnels through the mountains." 

Brian privately observes ; "Daddy's pictured objective was constructed  
upon personal imagination, romantic notion and psychic confirmation by 
self-styled 'seers'. Was Daddy's whole conception of 'Z', a spiritual 
objective, and the manner of reaching it a religious allegory?" Brian also 
reminds us that his father had a "vast interest in Ancient Egyptian 
esotericism" which itself emphasises the strived for union with god or 
gods as a difficult journey that must be made by each individual.    
3. In Exploration Fawcett, the objective is given as looking for a lost city
"Z", which may hold the origins of civilization and may even be 
inhabited. In the Secret Papers it is obvious that by 1924 Fawcett had  
made this a secondary objective. His main aim was to deliver his elder 
son Jack , now in his early twenties, over to a lodge of "Earth Guardians" 
called The Great White Brotherhood (white meaning purity not race). 
They are also known as The Watchers or The Shining Ones. Jack had a 
"miraculous" birth that I will describe later and, incredibly, Fawcett 
turned down the possibility of T.E. Lawrence accompanying him on this 
gruelling expedition in preference for a totally inexperienced youth. The 
Secret Papers reveal that the intention was that Fawcett would set up a 
colony of spiritually inclined settlers in Amazonia while Jack (once 
trained by the brotherhood) would found a similar colony in his own 
birthplace Ceylon. These plans Fawcett codenamed "The Great Scheme."  
I should say here that although the concept of earth guardians existing in 
Amazonia may seem improbable to most people, Alan Ereira, a BBC 
producer found a lost city in Colombia in 1998 with a population dressed 
in white robes called the Kogi. They told Ereira that they were earth 
guardians, mankind's responsible elder brother and that their task is to 
teach their younger brother how to treat the earth and how to advance 
mankind and civilization in the right spiritual and nature-friendly 
In The Secret Papers, Brian writes "The old cities were not his principle 
objective, but were necessary to provide the finance for his Great 
Scheme…A fantastically ambitious idea of creating colonies of super- 
people who would take over from existing governments and become the 
beginnings of a new race". 

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