Movie idioms

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1.Popcorn movie
popcorn movie is one that you watch almost purely for entertainment. While there are movies that will make you think and give you a new perspective on lifepopcorn movies will not – nor are they made for that.
Instead, they are made for you to get out of your worldly responsibilities for a moment and just enjoy your life. You can eat these types of movies with popcorn and forget about the worries that you have in the world that you enjoy popcorn.
Many of the summer blockbusters that you see each year are popcorn movies, but you might be surprised to realize that the ones that do the best are ones that really make you think.
2. Get the show on the road
If someone tells you to get the show on the road, they are urging you to get started on something! Rather than waiting somewhere for the preparation to finish, they want you to starteven if there miht be some mistakes and.
Many of these potential problems will sort themselves out before you have to really deal with them.
This idiom comes from the old mobile circus way of life. Circuses would move from town to town, and bring all their tents, animals, equipment, etc. with them. If they were stuck in one city, doing things such as picking up supplies, they would not be able to make money.
Instead, they needed to get the show on the road, start traveling to other cities, and marketing their show so that they could earn more.

  • The circus ringmaster was tired of all his employees spending time drinking and partying instead of packing up to move. He shouted, “Let’s get this show on the road!” to get them to move.

  • I know you are worried about leaving something important behind, but we have our passports and cash for our trip to Japan so let’s get this show on the road!

3. Kick something off, kick off
If you kick something off, you spark its beginning. If you are sitting in a meeting and no one says anything when the boss asks for feedback, it will be awkward.
To make everyone more comfortable, you can be the first one to speak. If you do this, you kick off the conversation and get everyone started. This way, the conversation can start and someone else can continue it.
In relation to show business, to kick off a show means to start it, or to have the first performance out of many. You can also use the term kick off as an adjective or as a noun.
kick off celebration is some sort of party that celebrates the beginning of something. When it starts, you could also simply call it a kick off; it is sometimes known as a kickoff.

  • The movie’s cast and crew wanted to celebrate the release of their movie by holding a private kick off party the night before the formal movie premiere.

  • Our local grocery store is helping the families in the community kick off the school year right by offering lots of discounts on all kinds of back-to-school items! They have reduced prices on backpacks, stationery like pens and notebooks, lunches, etc.

4. Sell out

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