Mrsa necrotizing Fasciitis in a Neonate Mei-Lin T. Pang md, Carla T. Lee Md

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MRSA Necrotizing Fasciitis in a Neonate

  • Mei-Lin T. Pang MD, Carla T. Lee MD,

  • Brandie J. Metz MD, Sheila F. Friedlander MD,

  • Victoria R. Barrio MD, Lawrence F. Eichenfield MD

  • Children’s Hospital San Diego

  • July 8, 2006

History of Present Illness

  • 5 d.o. male -- T 101º F & “fussiness”

  • FT NSVD; abdominal pustule --DOL3, spontaneously resolved

  • ER evaluation: Irritable, no focal findings

    • Sepsis w/u: unsuccessful LP
    • Noted on admission:
      • 2 cm poorly defined subtle induration and erythema noted at site of lumbar puncture

History of Present Illness

  • Hospital course: hypoxia, hypotension

    •  intubation, pressors, PICU
  • Pediatric dermatology consult re: progressive induration and erythema of the lumbar puncture site

Necrotizing fasciitis (NF)

Neonatal Necrotizing Fasciitis:

  • Less than 70 cases in the literature

  • 2 series: Taiwan and Pakistan (12 patients)

  • Commonly truncal; abdominal wall most common

  • Mortality close to 50%

  • Associations:

    • --omphalitis
    • --balanitis
    • --mastitis
    • --postoperative complications
    • --fetal monitoring

Neonatal NF

  • Usually polymicrobial

    • staph predominant organism
    • Rare cases of MRSA
  • 60% increase in MRSA - U.S. Hospitals

  • Rx: Vancomycin for all cases of necrotizing fasciitis in communities with high rates of MRSA


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