My memorable time

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My story

My memorable time

Childhood is the best time of one’s life and most of the adults want to get back on the childhood days.I was given a novel as the first prize in my early childhood which was a happy event for me and I still remember it very vividly.

In my junior school,the authority held different competitors to motivate the students into learning and attending the school. As part of the activities,they annually organised different competitions like debates,painting,indoor sports and more other events.I took part in a competition and got the first prize by beating five other contestants.I was the first major success in my life and I remember it most as it was in my early childhood.The school authority holds the competitions in the beginning of every year.It is a fun to run in the cold in an open field to reach the goals or to sit in a room with another participant and plan to beat him or her into the indoor games.The situations are exciting for the participants but it is mor thrilling for the audience present before the spot.The authority usually arranges the events immediately after the New Year so that everyone could join with the events.When the events are organised during the middle the year,many of the parents cannot attend there because they cannot manage time.Since a vacation mode flies in the air in the first week of the New Year,the parents can have the chance to participants.
Since it was the first prize of my life,it was something special for me.I was highly glad and shouted loud in my victory.

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