My native city

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My native city 1

My native city
The place where someone was born is called his native place. Some people live in villages and some people live in town. I was born in a town and have been living there since then. The town where I was born is famous for historical and cultural importance. The Homeland is a native land where we are born and grow up. Our Homeland is Azerbaijan. Regardless of what part of the world we live, we all should love and defend our Homeland. 
Our state is called the Republic of Azerbaijan. In Latin, “Republic” means “people’s business”. Those ruling the state in such countries are elected by the people. The people participates in managing their state.
The Republic of Azerbaijan was established on 28 May 1918. Each year, we celebrate this day. Ruled for long years by a state called USSR, our country regained its independence on 18 October 1991. Therefore, each year, 18th of October is celebrated as the Independence Day.
Our state is ruled by a president. President is elected by the people. The President represents the state of Azerbaijan. He is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces formed to defend our Homeland against the enemy.
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan is Ilham Aliyev. 
Laws of the state are passed by the National Assembly (Milli Majlis). The National Assembly has 125 members. They are elected by the people. Therefore, they are called also “national representatives”.
Azerbaijan is a democratic state. In a democratic state, rights of people are protected. People have a right to live, study, express their opinion, rest, acquire a flat, marry, and a number of other rights. These rights are called human rights and protected by the state. Courts supervise protection of rights, and observation of rules. Everyone is equal before law. 
Protection of children is the most important issue all over the world. Taking care of children, protection of their rights is a duty of parents. Our state takes control of how these duties are performed by our parents. And children too, should study well and assist, in the future, the state in developing our Homeland further. 
Our state has been working on making sure that every human, a member of our society, lives in peace, have sound health, and is advantaged. Our state has been providing support for the development of our culture, education and healthcare, and protecting our nature and people. The main legislation of our state is the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Our state language is Azerbaijani. Our national currency is the Azerbaijani Manat.
The capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the city of Baku.
Baku is my native city. Baku is an old city Baku is the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan. It is the largest city on the Caspian Sea and of the Caucasus region. Baku is divided into eleven administrative districts (raions) and 48 townships. The city is the scientific, cultural and industrial center of Azerbaijan.
About City Baku is located 28 metres below sea level, which makes it the lowest lying national capital in the world. The seafront is one of the most beautiful places in Baku. The name Baku means “Wind-pounded city” from Persian names of the city Bad-Kube, in which bad means “Wind” and kube is the verb kubidan, “ to pound”. It has the city’s nickname as the “City of Winds”. Also a folk etymology explains the name as deriving from Baghkuy, meaning “God’s town”. The first written evidence for Baku dates to the 1-st century AD. The city became important after an earthquake destroyed Shamakhy in the 12-th century, when the ruling Shirvanshah, Akhsitan I, chose Baku as the new capital.
There are a lot of nice places and outstanding landmarks in Baku. Baku Boulevard is a pedestrian promenade that runs parallel to Baku's seafront. The boulevard contains an amusement park, yacht club, musical fountain, statues and monuments. The park is popular with dog-walkers and joggers, and is convenient for tourists. Boulevard Baku Boulevard is one of the most beautiful places in Baku.
The architecture of Baku contains a wide variety of styles. For example, Bazaar’s building, dates back to the 12th century. Near this Bazaar, there is an ancient Caranavserai. It’s a hotel for guest businessmen. Nowadays, Caravanserai is not only a monument, but also a popular restaurant.
The center of Baku consists essentially of monuments.  National Library of Azerbaijan Across from it, there is the surviving fragment of the city wall with gate. This fortification was built up from 12 to 19 century.
Maiden Tower The Maiden Tower is one of the main symbols of Baku. It was constructed in the 12th century, or possibly earlier. There are a lot of legends. According to one of the most popular legends, it was a shah, himself the girl's father, who fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. But the girl tried to delay her father's advances by begging him to build the tower and wait until it was completed. When he completed it, he had still not changed his mind. That's when she leaped into the sea.
If there’s one thing you should know about getting around my city, it’s that the main attractions of Baku are in walking distance of each other in the city’s center. Targovi is a pedestrian avenue where a cluster of cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, and shops can be found. Tip: Most street names and signs are in Azerbaijani, but don’t panic! The language employs the Latin alphabet and the words can be pronounced phonetically.
The best place to spend time outdoors in my city is on Seaside Boulevard. Head over at dusk to let the moonlight twinkling on the Caspian Sea amaze you. In the mornings, you can see the rose-colored sun rise over the water as well.
Baku has always been famous as a multi-ethnic city. The population of the capital of Azerbaijan reflects the ethnic composition of country.
The official language is the Azerbaijani, but historically the Russian language was widespread. In recent years, as the result of the country’s integration into the international community, more and more people, especially young people also know the English language.
Azerbaijan is the Muslim country according to the religious beliefs and due to the recent information, the population of Azerbaijan is more than 10 million people, the believers from other religions also feel comfortable and safe themselves here.
Baku is the cultural and scientific center of Azerbaijan. In 1873, there was established the first national theatre, and in 1908 for the first time in the Muslim East was staged the first opera “Leyli and Majnun”. The first Azerbaijani university and the first library was opened in Baku. More than 30 public and private higher educational establishments are concentrated in the capital of Azerbaijan; therefore, Baku can be called the biggest university town. Not only Baku citizens, as well as the foreign students study in hundreds of different specialties at Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan State Marine Academy, Azerbaijan Tourism Institute and other universities.
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