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The defeat of Armenian fascism and a new reality in the region

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44 Days War in Karabakh.
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The defeat of Armenian fascism and a new reality in the region

In previous wars, there was a tactic known as "scorched earth", by which a defensive force destroyed or looted all it could, setting fire to what it could not. This also prevented the local population, the owners of the land, from settling there. In 1977, Article 54 of Protocol No.1 of the Geneva Convention banned "scorched earth" as a tactic; it is now a war crime. 21st century Armenians are, however, using this tactic, regarded as primitive by the civilized world. As our President said, it is as if a savage tribe has passed through these places. Videos of our liberated cities and villages are heart-breaking. The savage enemy has not laid a stone upon stone, but has reduced everything to ruin. Trees have been cut down, forests cut down and burned, and land has been rendered useless. Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Zengilan and Gubadli resemble deserts. Aghdam is a city of ghosts, even an atomic bomb did not destroy Hiroshima as completely. Armenia's war crimes do not end there. Two ballistic missiles were fired at Ganja, and Barda was bombarded with cluster munitions. The number of shells fired at Terter, Aghdam and Goranboy are uncounted. Hundreds of civilians - children, women, the elderly - fell victim to Armenian fascism; thousands of houses, apartment buildings and infrastructure were destroyed.

It is important that the whole world sees their fascist image. Let everyone see and know what a savage enemy we face. Let everyone know that we have destroyed not only an occupying army, but also Armenian fascism, a source of danger to humanity. On instructions from the president, members of the diplomatic corps in Azerbaijan are visiting the liberated regions, where they witness Armenia’s atrocities with their own eyes. The terrible destruction will be recorded, piece by piece, documented and submitted to the international court. Armenian fascists will surely not escape justice this time.

The enemy believed that following such destruction, Azerbaijanis would never return to those places. They were mistaken, the people of Azerbaijan have lived with a desire for 30 years to reunite with their homeland, and have breathed for Karabakh. During a visit to the liberated cities of Fuzuli and Aghdam, President Ilham Aliyev announced his plans for Karabakh’s future. He stated that all towns and villages will be restored according to a master plan. The state will provide the necessary assistance for citizens to return to their homeland. The construction of a new road from Fuzuli to Shusha and the restoration of historical roads leading to Sugovushan and Talysh villages have already begun. The Second Karabakh War has created a new reality in the region. Our beautiful Karabakh, convulsed by storms over the ages, looks to the future with great hope. After 27 years, the call to prayer is heard again in the Shusha and Aghdam mosques, and Karabakh Shikestesi is heard once more in the lands of Karabakh. Life is returning to those places after 30 years, a new cycle of life in those lands begins...

The successful end of the Patriotic War has changed the balance of forces in the region and created a new reality. We are not alone now. Fraternal Turkey is now with us at the political table. A Turkish soldier will also monitor the ceasefire in Karabakh. Messages continue to come from the highest levels in Ankara: “we will continue to stand by Azerbaijan”. This political and moral support strengthens us and prevents Armenia’s supporters from interfering. Addresses by the presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey as brothers, the fact that our star and crescent flags fly together, are sources of pride for our friends and an eye-opener for ill-wishers. Today, there is no status quo lasting 30 years. The issue of status is off the agenda. Instead, the implementation of plans to restore the destroyed cities and villages of Karabakh is already in process.

If we look at the many conflicts and wars taking place in the world, the last word lies with the stronger side. The 44-day Patriotic War of the Azerbaijani people for Karabakh is the latest example of this. Over the past 17 years, we have gained strength and crushed the enemy with an iron fist. Thirty years of occupation and injustice were ended in 44 days.


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