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3302 Cactus Heights Lane, Pearland, TX 77581

Home: ( 281) 993-8623; cell: ( 281) 770-0500; e-mail:

OBJECTIVE: Greater challenges and responsibilities as an instructional leader
Lead Mathematics Teacher, Chavez High School, Houston ISD (08/2007 - present)

Mathematics High School Teacher, Chavez High School, Houston ISD (08/2001 - present)

  • Taught regular and advanced Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus AB to English and Spanish speaking students in grades 9 through 12 in a diverse community

  • Organized and led weekly meetings with Geometry and Algebra 2 teachers

  • Planned, developed, implemented Math Curriculum

  • Created and developed lesson plan guides

  • Academic support of teachers of Math Department/ resources, share instructional

approaches and strategies, teachers’ observations

Prepared and administered standardized and teacher-made tests (Common Assessments,

TAKS, Stanford tests, EOC exams, final exams)
Adjunct Professor in Physics, Houston Community College, Central campus (01/2009- present)

  • Taught College Physics 1 using a variety of techniques taking into consideration the

different learning styles of students

  • Composed and implemented Syllabus for Lecture and Lab

  • Prepared and administered exams, tests, and quizzes

  • Organized and supervised lab classes

  • Evaluated students’ progress and provided feedback in order for academic improvement

  • Made connections between Physics and Math in order to link the concepts learned in these

subjects to the real world

Teacher of Physics and Mathematics, National Technical University, Polytechnic Lyceum, Kyiv, Ukraine (09/1992 - 07/2001)

  • Planned, developed, and implemented extensive curricula of Physics and Mathematics

  • Taught lessons and led classroom discussions

  • Prepared and administered exams

  • Supervised undergraduate students’ research projects

Teacher of Physics, National Technical University, Department of Preparation for Higher Education, Kyiv, Ukraine (04/1991- 08/1992)

  • Expanded Physics curriculum

  • Taught lessons and organized classroom discussions

  • Prepared high school students for admission to higher educational institutions

Research Scientist, T. Schevchenko National University, Physics Department, Kyiv, Ukraine (10/1989-04/1991)

  • Investigated thermo- dynamic properties of liquids and amorphous metals at the wide range

of temperatures and pressures

  • Conducted research; gathered and analyzed data; summarized results in professional


  • PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences,

T. Schevchenko National University, Kyiv, Ukraine (1986-1990)

  • Master’s Degree in Physics

T. Schevchenko National University, Kyiv, Ukraine (1981-1986)

  • Certified Mathematics Teacher, Grades 8-12 , Standard Teacher’s

Certificate, State of Texas (2005)

Certificate, State of Texas (2005)

  • Certified Master Mathematics teacher

Certificate, State of Texas (2010)

  • Principal Certification program with Region 4 (January 2010)

  • ILD and PDAS certifications (July 2010)


  • Member of Houston Federation of Teachers (2008)

  • Member of Mathematical Association of America (2007)

  • Member of Mathematics Leadership Institute , Rice University (2007)

  • Member of National Council of Teachers Mathematics (2006)


  • Soros Teacher, Kiev, Ukraine (1996)


  • Spanish , Russian, Ukrainian


Director, Rice University School Mathematics Project, MS 172, P.O. Box 1892, Houston, TX 77251. Phone: (713)348-6076; e-mail:

  • Richard Parr

Associate Director for Curriculum Development, Rice University Project, MS 172, P.O. Box 1892, Houston, TX 77251. Phone: (713)348-6076; e-mail:

  • Robert De Kanter

Assistant Principal, Chavez HS, Houston Independent School District, 8501 Howard Drive, Houston, TX.77017, and Phone: (713)-495-6950; e-mail:

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