Nataliya Yachmeneva Sheerness, Kent, uk tel. (mobile)

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Nataliya Yachmeneva

Sheerness, Kent, UK

Tel. (mobile)

07752 345 338



A highly motivated language service provider with strong experience in translating from English into Russian, including a broad range of formats and subjects:

Translation & editing experience

  • culture and entertainment industry content (descriptions of TV channels and shows, content for children)

  • international projects (sports events and their media coverage, urban design)

  • content for social media and promotions

  • hospitality & restaurant business, airlines, high fashion

  • general business (contracts, policies, interactive employee training)

  • websites and marketing materials (IT systems and telecommunications, IT safety, computer test results and white papers, CRM systems and computer-aided solutions for business, IT news articles, Wordpress themes, internet of things, GIS, adhesives, pumps)

  • museum catalogues, poetry, highway code regulations and more

  • editing translated copy (mainly automotive)

Interpretation experience

  • experience in face-to-face interpreting for surveillance engineers at a pipe plant (metallurgy)

  • experience in face-to-face interpreting for NHS and other public service clients


October 2011 – present freelance translator for localization agencies:

Logrus LLC (Russia)

Neotech (Russia)

Capita TI (UK, translating and interpreting)

October 2012 – December 2012 interpreter with functions of support for

surveillance engineers, Volzhskiy Pipe

Plant (TMK, Russia), contract
2006 – 2013 Open Comprehensive School (Volzhskiy, Russia)

English teacher for junior high school,

senior high school and part-time students

2004 – 2006 Secondary Comprehensive School No.1 (Volzhskiy, Russia)

English teacher for primary and junior high school


2005–2011 Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University:

BA, Honours degree, Specialist in Foreign Language

(English) (diploma thesis subject: Realisation of

the Pragmatic Function in Marketing Materials: the

problems of translating)
2000–2004 Volzhskiy College of Economics and Management –

The Higher School of Commerce: Diploma certificate

in teaching the English language

Skills, personal qualities and additional qualifications

2013 – 2015 certificates on completion of training

courses (
2011 Cambridge ESOL Level 2 Certificate

in ESOL International

(grade A, level 2, Council of Europe Level C1)
2009 Translator Training Program

at Logrus localization agency

Russian — native, English — fluent

Advanced computer user, experience in using Microsoft Office applications and CAT tools (TRADOS, MemoQ, Wordfast, Idiom, TagEditor, Translation Workspace, Passolo)

Good interpersonal skills and positive attitude; a well-developed sense of languages and style, creativeness, openness to challenge; constant self-development and self-education in both linguistics and subject matters

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