Nature and significance of management

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1. Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal launched Odd Even rule for cars in Delhi to cut pollution by restricting the number of cars running on city road.

  1. Identify and explain the objective of Management highlighted by our Chief Minister in the above case.

2. Mrs. Wason passed her MBBS examination and also passed MS examination as an eye specialist. After 2 years of completing her studies she joined a big hospital as an eye surgeon. Now she is performing successfully since last few years. Mr. Madan founder of CTA feels that Mrs. Wason is experiencing the aspect of science and Ms. Sachdeva feels that she is experiencing the aspect of Art. Who is right? Give reasons in support of your answer.

3 Shiv Nadar, chairman and CEO of HCL attributes the success of the group to its management team and their entrepreneurial spirit which together have enabled it to handle rapid changes in the environment and technologies. At HCL management believes that happy, satisfied and self motivated employees help in reducing costs and increase productivity. It also has a strong sense of social responsibility and has set up educational institutions in the field of management, engineering, computers etc.

Identify and explain the significance of understanding management by quoting relevant lines from the case study.

4 Raman agreed to be an employee of a company on the condition that he will be given a project offering competitive salary, career advancement opportunity, promotion and recognition. Mr. John, (general manager) puts Raman in a project in which promotion is not possible. Raman gets disheartened and feels frustrated all the time. Such frustration also reflected in his work and he could not bring desired results.

(a) Which objective of management Raman could not achieve? Explain.

(b) Identify the other two objectives.

(c) What should Mr. John do to avoid such problem?
5 Vineet joined a company after completing graduation in management from a reputed business school. During his induction training, he was informed that he would be working in production department. The company wanted to achieve 30% increase in output in the next quarter. His general manager, a man with decades of experience, also said that management is a complex activity. He expected Vineet to make production plans, identify incentive schemes for workers to make their strengths effective and ensure that there is no disruption due to technical glitch. Vineet realised very quickly that his job is a series of continuous tasks. After one month, he was informed by the general manager that due to increase in international demand, production targets have been raised.

He called an urgent meeting of his supervisors and senior workers. He offered them an opportunity to realise their potential and earn more by working overtime and in multiple shifts. He was delighted that at the end of the quarter, he was able to meet the targets, workers were happy and there was no chaos.

Identify and explain any four characteristics of management referred in above case.
6 The production manager assigned a target of producing 1,000 TV sets in the month of October among the group of 10 workers. They mutually decided to produce 100 TV sets each. Among them 3 of the workers of the group fell sick. The other worker refused to divide his work among and concentrated only on the production of their own individual target of production the group target of 1,000 TV sets could not be achieved..

(i)Which characteristic of management is violated in the above para?

7 XYZ Power Ltd. Set up a factory for manufacturing solar lanterns in a remote village as there was no reliable supply of electricity in rural areas. They revenue earned by the company was sufficient to cover the costs and the risks. The demand of the lanterns was increasing day-by-day. So the company decided to increase production to generate higher sales. For this, they decided to employ people from the nearby villages as very few job opportunities were available in that area. They company also decided to open school and creches for the children of its employees.

(i) Identify and explain the objectives of management discussed above.

(ii) State any two values which the company wanted to communicate to the society.
8 Kamal, Khan and Devid are partners in a firm engaged in the distribution of dairy products in Madhya Pradesh. Kamal is a holder of Senior Secondary School Certificate from Central Board of Secondary Education with Business Studies as one of his elective subjects. Khan had done his post-graduation in Hindi literature and Devid in Dairy Farming. One day there was a serious discussion between Khan and Devid regarding the nature of 'Management as a Science'. Khan argued that Management was not a science whereas Devid was of the opinion that Management was a science. Kamal intervened and corrected both Khan and Devid about the nature of Management as a Science with the help of his knowledge of Business Studies. Explain, how Kamal would have been able to satisfy both Khan and Devid.
9 Shahrukh Khan is an epitome of success. He adds humour and humane touch in his performances at the live shows. He has redefined the image of a lead actor in cinema and given it a ‘negative, sympathetic and glamorous look’. A manager also redefines and creates styles and techniques based on his experience and imagination. Identify the nature of management form the given statement
10 Alia Enterprises, a company was initially producing grinders and mixers. Now, with the changing scenario and emerging trends of working women there is a greater demand for a product which is more efficient and a multi-tasker. On analyzing the situation, the company decided to penetrate into the market for producing Food Processor. Which level of management will take this decision?

11 Sushil is running a business enterprise producing handloom and handicraft products in Maharashtra under the name ‘Fabmart Enterprises’. He has employed 1,000 craftsmen and artisans in his firm. The basic reason for its existence is to produce those handicraft items which have a market demand & are reasonably priced. He performs all the functions of management all the time with the help of his managers. He is working with a team of individuals who have diverse needs and goals. He along with his marketing experts conducts market survey to know the tastes and preferences of consumers. Thus he adapts to changing environment and produces goods according to the needs of the customers. The employees working in his firm are happy and satisfied, and there is orderliness instead of chaos.

Identify any five features of management from the above para. Also quote lines that denote these features
12 Amar engaged in production of electrical goods The company’s profits and market   share are declining. The production  department blames the marketing department for not meeting the sales targets and  the marketing department blames the production department for producing goods which are not of good quality and do not meet the customer’s expectations. The finance department blames both the production and marketing departments for declining return on investment. 

          1.What quality of management do you think the company is lacking?   

          2.List its two features

          3.List any two values which are ignored by employees of Amar Ltd.  

13 What distinguishes a successful manager from less successful manager is ability to put the principles and methods of management into practice .What aspect of nature of management is being highlighted here.

  1. In order to be successful, an organisation must change its goals according to the needs of the environment. Which characteristics of management are highlighted in this statement?

  2. “Managers in India do the same work as managers in USA OR Japan or Germany”. Which characteristic of management is highlighted here?

  3. Name that intangible force which creates productive relationships among resources of an organisation.

  4. Production manager tries to produce goods with minimum costs. Name the concept which is being focused by management?

  5. To meet the objectives of the firm, management of Angora Ltd. offers employment to physically challenged persons. Identify the organizational objective it is trying to achieve

  6. Your grandfather has retired from an organization in which he is responsible for overseeing the efforts of the workforce. At which level of management was he working? State one more function performed at this level.

  7. Aman is working as ‘Plant Superintendent’ in Tosko Ltd. Name the management level at which he is working? State any four functions he will perform at this level.

  8. Hero Ltd’s target is to produce 20,000 shirts per month at a cost of Rs.150 per shirt. The production manager could achieve this target at a cost of Rs.170 per shirt. Do you think the production manager is “efficient”? Give reasons in support of your answer

  9. Mr. Donald, the fast food giant, made major changes in its menu to be able to survive in the Indian market. Which characteristic of management is highlighted?

  10. Mr Owais is a production manger of XYZ Ltd. in the year 2014, he has been given a target of achieving 50,000 units with 50 labourers. However, he achieved 50,000 units by employing 55 labourers. Do you think he is an efficient manager?

  11. Tigger co is looking to hire 500 people in the month of september, 2015. The human resource department is asked to achieve this target with the help of operations department. By the end of September 2015, the target could not be achieved. For this the HR department is blaming operations manager and operations manager are blaming HR department . As a management concept, what is missing in the above case.

  12. Management of Global Ltd. fulfils all its objectives and the organization is able to work effectively and efficiently. It is using environmental friendly methods of production and disposing off the waste material either by recycling it or using the same for landfill in such a manner that the aquatic life is not disturbed. Thus it also provides employment opportunities to the disadvantaged sections of the society. a) Identify the objective of management of Global Ltd. Which it wants to fulfill by doing the above activities. b) State any two other objectives that the management of Global Ltd. Should fulfills) Identify any two values which management of Global Ltd. Can communicate through fulfilling the objectives as stated in part (b) d) Identify any two values which Global Ltd desires to emphasize through its above stated activities.

  13. Unique Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing electrical appliances. The company has been facing lot of problems for the last few months because of chaos between two departmentsi.e. Production departmentand sales department. Sales department blames production Department for delayed productions. However, production department blames sales Department for poor sales. The force that integrates the two departments is missing.a) Identify the missing force in the above case and list its two characteristics. b) List any two values which can be cultivated among the employees by using the force identified in (a) above.

  14. A.R. Rehman is the first Indian to win Oscar award for his composition `Jai Ho’. His composition of music is unique and different as he has used the singing notes in a manner that is entirely his own interpretation.Like A.R. Rehman, `Nandan’ General Manager In Sea Ltd, uses his knowledge of management in a unique and different manner and all the employees working under his guidance are happy and satisfied. He rewards the employees who come to officeon time.a) Identify the nature of management highlighted above. b) State two other ways in which nature of management can be explained.c) Identify the value that Nandan wants to inculcate in his employees. Also explain how?

  15. Rahul Ltd., a leading Manufacturer of iron and steel decided to open up a new branch in remote area in Rajasthan. So that unemployed youth from the rural areas could get same opportunities as those available in the urban areas. This initiative has raised the standard of living of people in rural areas. All children in these families are getting good education and these families are also actively contributing the nation buildingthrough their dedicated work.a) Identify the objective e of management highlighted in the above mentionedcase. b) Give any two advantages of following the above objective.c)Which values can be emphasized by following the above objective?

  16. In order to achieve target production of 5000 units per month, a Production Manager has to operate on double shifts. Due to power failure most of the time, the manager isable to achieve 5000 units, but at a higher production cost.a) In your point of view, what is lacking in management? b) Identify the values emphasised by management in the above mentioned case.

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