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Hewlett-Packard SureStore CD/DVD-ROM Server

HP J3278B, HP J4150A, HP J4152A

Firmware version: 5.32



  1. The HP CD/DVD-ROM server must be configured with TCP/IP.

  2. On the same network, use a workstation configured with TCP/IP and FTP.

  3. Connect to the directory containing the firmware image HPCD532.BIN.

  4. Log in to the server using the command:

ftp where is the IP address or host name assigned to your CD/DVD-ROM server.

  1. You will be prompted for user ID and password. The default user ID

is "root", and the default password is "pass". If these values have been changed from defaults, you must use the new values.

  1. Issue the command "bin" to change to binary transfer mode.

  2. Issue the command:

put FLASH(uppercase)

  • where is the name of the firmware, for example, HPCD532.BIN.

CAUTION: Be careful not to interrupt the file transfer.

If the transfer is interrupted, the server may become

inoperative and must be returned to HP.

  1. Wait for the transfer to complete. This normally takes one to four

minutes. The server will then automatically restart with the new


  1. Log out using the command quit, bye, or exit, depending on your FTP


  1. Wait for the HP CD/DVD-ROM server to finish rebooting.

Added features in version 5.32:

  • CD/DVD Management: Discs can be renamed using a file explorer

CDs and DVDs can be renamed using a file exploring tool.

  • File System: DVD-9 discs can be cached to hard drive

DVD-ROMs larger than 4GB can now be mirrored or archived on the

caching hard drive(s).

All sessions on multisession HFS and ISO 9660/Apple discs

are now mounted and accessible, and can be archived.

  • Web: Cache Mode dialog accessible from the Discs & Drives page

The dialog for changing Cache Mode is now accessible directly

from the Discs & Drives web page.

  • Web: Statistics page divided into sub-pages

The Statistics web page has been divided into four or five

(if a caching hard drive is connected) sub-pages.

Web: Files and folders are sorted on the web file view

Files and folders are sorted alphabetically on the web file

view, with all folders displayed first.

The NDS rights can now be stored locally in the StorPoint's

flash memory.

Corrected problems in version 5.31:


  • File System: ISO 9660 Rock Ridge with deep directory structures

Directories of greater depth than 8 levels on ISO 9660/Rock Ridge discs are now accessible.

  • File System: ISO 9660 directories with one-character names

Directories on ISO 9660 CDs with one-character names were not

always accessible.

  • File System: Joliet preference over ISO 9660/Apple

On CDs containing both Joliet and ISO 9660 with Apple extensions

file systems, Joliet is now mounted instead of ISO 9660/Apple.

  • FTP: The FTP Time Out parameter didn't work

The FTP Time Out parameter now works correctly, closing an open

connection after a period of inactivity.

  • CIFS/SMB: NetBIOS session limit to a Terminal Server is raised

Users logged on to a Terminal Server couldn't connect to the

StorPoint because the NetBIOS session limit was exceeded.

The number of allowed sessions is extended now.

  • CIFS/SMB: Parameters for domains with restricted anonymous login

Parameters User Account and User Password (accessible from

config.ini) can be used if the domain is configured to restrict

access for anonymous logins.

  • NetWare: An empty volume list returned to the newest

NetWare clients when having large number of mounted CDs

The NCP command GetMountedVolumeList returned an empty

list to the newest NetWare clients, if a large number

of CDs were mounted. The number of volumes depended on

their names, but it had to be at least 30.

  • NetWare: Browsing CDs with some NetWare clients when

ShowAllVolumes parameter is set to 'no'

The CDs could not be browsed below the second level of the

directory structure when ShowAllVolumes parameter was set

to 'no'. Now, the complete directory structure can be


  • CIFS/SMB: Listing/copying of some files in large directories

Some of the files in a directory with large number of files

have not been shown correctly. This problem is now corrected.

  • CIFS/SMB: Windows 2000 shareLevel - "NetBIOS session limit

Has exceeded"

The error message "NetBIOS session limit has exceeded"

appeared on Windows 2000 Professional clients when

shareLevel security was used and more than 10 session have

been established.

  • CIFS/SMB: UserLevel security in Windows 2000 environments

The CD-Server can now be accessed even when the user level

security is used in a environment where a Windows 2000 Server

is the domain controller. Note that the domain operation mode

still has to be mixed.

  • File System: ISO 9660 - removing version numbers

When the length of the version numbers in the file

identifiers on an ISO 9660 volume differed from one, we

didn't remove the version numbers from the file names.

This resulted in strange suffixes in file listings and

made the files on the volume inaccessible.

  • File System: ISO 9660 - Directories with incorrect file type

Browsing of CDs with a directory that identifies like a

file is possible now. A PC allows this kind of inconsistency

as well.

  • NetWare: Lost PureIP connections

Connections from PureIP clients were lost after a while of


  • NetWare: Time Sync Source with server name

Using a NetWare server name as time synchronization source did

not work. This problem has been corrected.

The default value of the PureIPEnable parameter has been changed

to 'No'.

  • Macintosh/AppleTalk: Address probing

In some routed AppleTalk networks the server could get an invalid

node address which made it inaccessible.

  • Macintosh/HFS: Multisession

The first session on multisession HFS discs was mounted. Has been

changed to mount the last session.

  • Macintosh/AFP: Long filenames

Some Macintosh clients crash if a filename longer than 31

characters is received. Files with too long names are no longer

returned over AFP.

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