Nottingham Forest Football Club

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From M1 Motorway to the Main Stand Car Park
Leave the M1 at Junction 24, continue along A453 past the Power Station. Stay on this road for approximately 5 miles and you will eventually come to a roundabout with the Crusader Public House on the left hand side. Go straight across following directions for Nottingham.
Continue along this road, passing Nottingham Trent University Clifton Campus also on your left. Go straight on at the traffic lights ahead and continue for another 300 yards before taking the slip road off to the left signed ‘Newark, West Bridgford’. Take the first left at the roundabout.
Continue along this road going over a mini roundabout and several sets of traffic lights before coming to a large ‘T’ junction. Turn left on to London Road and get into the right hand lane.
At the ‘Sandicliffe’ garage on the right filter into the right hand slip lane. Go through the first set of traffic lights and bear round to the right through the next set of lights on to Radcliffe Road.
After just 100 yards turn left into Pavilion Road and the ground is situated ahead of you to the right past the shop and ticket office. Your meeting room is accessible from the main car park.
If you require further directions en-route please call the Club on 0115 982 4444

Sat Nav - NG2 5 FJ – Pavilion Road

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