Nuclear-structure studies for heaviest elements

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Stanislav Antalic
Department of Nuclear Physics and Biophysics, Comenius University in Bratislava, 84248 Bratislava, Slovakia
The study of heaviest atomic nuclei is a major challenge of nowadays nuclear physics. Experiments with the synthesis of new super-heavy elements provided many new results what leaded to the acceptance and suggested names for new elements up to the Z=118. However, due to the limited number of synthesized nuclei, the question on their nuclear structure remains opened. On the other hand the application of modern decay-spectroscopy methods gives the possibility to obtain detailed data for the nuclei up to the seaborgium (Z=106).
We perform long-term extensive experimental program aimed at the nuclear structure studies of heaviest elements. The contribution will summarize present status of the project and new data for dubnium (Z=105) and rutherfordium (Z=104) isotopes obtained at SHIP experiment in GSI Darmstadt. The attention will be aimed also on the possibility to obtain nuclear structure data for isotopes above the fermium (Z=100) by the study of their EC decay.

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