Oahu Resource Conservation & Development Council

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O‘ahu Resource Conservation & Development Council
PO Box 209, 92-1770 Kunia Road, Kunia, HI 96759(808) 622-9026www.oahurcd.org

Waimanalo Watershed Project

Request for Applications

The O‘ahu Resource Conservation and Development Council (O‘ahu RC&D) is now accepting applications from landowners, land managers and operators within the Waimanalo Watershed for the implementation of conservation practices that address soil erosion and related resource concerns. Funding comes from the Department of Health – Clean Water Branch through a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency. The O‘ahu RC&D administers the project, with partner support from the Windward Oahu Soil and Water Conservation District and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.
The program is intended to fund conservation practices that reduce soil erosion and protect water quality in Waimanalo Bay. The following are examples of practices eligible for funding:

  • Cover Crops

  • Vegetative Barriers – e.g. vetiver grass

  • Terraces

  • Sediment Basins

  • Grassed Waterways

  • Repair / Renovations to Access Roads

  • Windbreaks

  • Riparian Restoration

  • Other practices that positively impact water quality will be considered, and may be selected if funds are available and there is a demonstrated water quality benefit.

Eligible expenses include seed, site prep, fertilizer and irrigation necessary to establish vegetation, equipment (rental only), and related labor.

Each award requires a match for at least one third of the total project cost (e.g. if project costs $10,000, at least $3,333 of local contribution – cash, labor, equipment, etc. - is required). Preference will be given to applications offering a higher matching contribution.

Second round applications will be due on

February 21, 2014

For additional information contact: Amanda Camacho, Project Assistant

Phone: (808) 622-9026

Email amanda.camacho@oahurcd.org

Helpful Information
Application Deadline

Completed applications must be received by 3:00 pm Friday, February 21, 2014. If possible, please save your documents as pdf files and email them to: amanda.camacho@oahurcd.org . You may also mail or hand -deliver them to:

Amanda Camacho

O‘ahu RC&D

PO Box 209

92-1770 Kunia Road

Kunia, HI  96759
Grant Period

We expect to make second round selections on March 7, 2014. Applicants must complete installation of the conservation practices by January 31, 2015. Please prepare your application accordingly.

Pre-award Activities

Grantees who choose to incur any costs toward the matching contribution prior to the execution of a contract DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK. These expenditures, however, may be allowable toward the required contribution if they are incurred after the issuance of the formal Award Letter and are consistent with the provisions of the agreement. Contact O‘ahu RC&D if you are unclear about this provision.

Application Outline

All applicants are required to use the provided template for the Application. An electronic copy will be provided upon request. Please use a readable font; Times New Roman, 12 point typeface is recommended for the Word documents.

Responsibilities of the Parties

The selected applicant(s) will be expected to:

  1. Sign a formal agreement as to the terms of the award.

  2. Allow scheduled site visits by O‘ahu RC&D to evaluate project progress.

  3. Pay all initial project costs, and submit receipts and Requests for Reimbursement no more frequently than monthly, in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

O‘ahu RC&D will:

  1. Work with grantees as needed to help them complete their projects.

  2. Process requests for reimbursements in a timely manner.

  3. Provide technical support to applicants with conservation planning and implementation, as appropriate.

Evaluation Criteria. Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:
Project contribution to improving water qualityTo what extent are the identified activities expected to reduce soil erosion and protect water quality.
Project contribution towards overall watershed health – Does the proposed conservation practice(s) fit into a broader context of water quality improvements in the watershed? Can it serve as a model for other watersheds in Hawaii?
Demonstrated commitment by applicant – Does applicant have a Conservation Plan? To what extent have conservation practices been integrated into current operations?
Ability to commit resources and provide needed matching contributionsApplicants must contribute at least 33% of total project cost. Applicants with higher contributions will be given preference.

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed and ranked for funding by an evaluation committee formed by the O‘ahu RC&D Council.

Required Certifications & Review

Selected applicants will be required to sign a Certification Regarding Debarment, as required by Executive Order 12549, Debarment Suspension, 7 CFR Part 3017, Section 3017.510. This document indicates that the applying entity is not debarred, suspended, ineligible, or excluded from receiving federal contracts, subcontracts or Federal assistance and benefits.

Selected applicants shall be requested to give the O‘ahu RC&D access to and the right to examine all records, papers, or documents related to this agreement.
Other terms and conditions will be specified in the Contract Agreement to be signed by both parties prior to the notice to proceed.

Application for the Waimanalo Watershed Project

All information is required.


Farm / Business Name:

Mailing Address:

Property Address:


Cell Phone:


Location (Legal Description or TMK Number):


___ Individual

___ Entity (Corporation, Limited Partnership, Trust, Estate, etc.). Please enter entity’s name and tax identification number:

Name: _________________________ Federal Tax Number: ________________

___ Joint Operation (General Partnership, Joint Venture). Please enter operation’s name and tax identification number:

Name: _________________________ Federal Tax Number: ________________

Be prepared to show documentation that allows you to sign or commit on behalf of the entity/ operation.

ownership of the land is held by:

___ Myself

___ State Government: DOA ____ DLNR ____ DHHL ____

___ Other: ____________________

proof that i control the land:

___ Deed or other evidence of land ownership

___ Written lease agreement through ___________ (year)

___ Other agreement or legal conveyance through ___________ (year)

Be prepared to show a copy of the agreement proving control of the land.
This Project has been jointly funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act, and the Hawaii State Department of Health, Clean Water Branch. Although the information in this document has been funded wholly or in part by a Federal Grant to the Hawaii State Department of Health, it may not necessarily reflect the views of the EPA and the Hawaii State Department of Health and no official endorsement should be inferred.

LAND information:

Give a clear and concise description of your operation, including acres, physical features (e.g. stream, gulch, forest, etc), and crop type (if applicable).

resource concerns:

Describe any resource concerns that are present on your property (e.g. areas of erosion, flooding, poor soil quality, etc.).

conservation practice information:
Are you signed up as a Cooperator with the Windward Oahu Soil and Water Conservation District? Yes ____ No ____
Do you have a Conservation Plan? Yes ____ No ____
List any conservation practices you have implemented on your farm in the past twelve months. Include acreage / size, and other details, as available.

(Example: planted 14 acres of sunn hemp cover crop)

Application – Page 2

proposed conservation practices and BUDGET:

List conservation practices that you would like to implement in the next 12-14 months. Provide estimated costs, and indicate the amount requested from the grant funds and the amount you are able to contribute as match. List only practices that can feasibly be accomplished by January 31, 2015.


Estimated Cost

Requested Grant Funds

Matching contribution

Ex: vetiver planting, 2500 linear ft






Indicate each step of your project and put an X in the time period you expect to complete that step. An example is provided.










Rent equip to grade land


Plant vegetation



What permits, if any, would you need to complete your project?

Application – Page 3

Water quality improvements:

Please comment on how the proposed activities contribute to water quality improvements. If possible, also indicate how theses activities contribute to improved health of the Waimanalo Watershed.

Demonstration Projects:

Are you willing to host a field day, conservation tour or other informational event for the public? Yes ____ No ____


I agree to participate in the Waimanalo Watershed Project if my application for financial assistance is accepted by the O‘ahu Resource Conservation & Development Council. I will allow access to my farm to complete a Conservation Plan and determine appropriate conservation practices. I understand that work completed before receiving a signed contract from O‘ahu RC&D may not be eligible for reimbursement.

Signature: ___________________________ Date: ________________
Print Name: __________________________

Title: _______________________________

Return application to:

Amanda Camacho email: amanda.camacho@oahurcd.org

O‘ahu RC&D fax: 808-621-1359

PO Box 209

92-1770 Kunia Road

Kunia, HI  96759

Application – Page 4

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