Office of Early College Programs Pre-College Summer

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Office of Early College Programs

Pre-College Summer

Hello Summer Scholars!

My name is Ken Thompson, and I’m going to be your faculty member for your pre-college summer session! This year we are going to be developing 2D games in software called Construct3. This is a 2D game editor that allows us to quickly prototype games with an easy to use interface that you can continue to create after the summer session is over! If you want to get started early, I highly suggest you register an account on the Construct3 website and email me at with the subject line “Precollege Summer C3 Account” as the header. In the subject of the email, put your username that you registered and maybe a little bit about yourself.

What do you want to learn at the pre-college summer? Art? Code? Are you still learning what you like or are you already motivated to work on your opus? The more I know about you, the better I can tailor your experience.

Once I have your username I will give you full access to Construct3, which is usable on Mac and PC web browsers (Although you may have to try a few different browsers to get it to work. Each computer is different so if one of the browsers isn’t working for you like Chrome/Firefox/Safari, then install another one and try that out.

I’ve also got a great starter tutorial that I’d like you to watch. If you can’t figure it out right now, don’t panic! I’ll be going over this info on the first day of class. However, the faster everyone learns the basics, the more opportunities there are to make some cool games during our time together!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

The Game Development Lab space we are using this summer is provided by the Digital Media and Design Department within the School of Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut. I work at the DMD during the year teaching game design and game development classes! The lab computers are on loan from the UConn Gaming Club UCGC aims to create a community where players and viewers of competitive games can do what they love in a social environment Check out their discord channel. UCGC also runs High School gaming competitions that have real prizes including scholarships to specific departments within UConn.

Want to chat with me? I’m on twitter @gamedevprof

Want to play with some other software we are going to use? Check out




P.S. there is some construction happening on the first floor. Please use the side (basement) entrance.


Should I bring my laptop?

You may bring your laptop if you wish. Construct3 works on all software platforms, but I suggest you leave your laptop at home. You’ll find your evenings very busy.

I don’t know how to code/art, what should I do?

Everyone knows how to PLAY. Everything else you can learn when you get here.


Ken Thompson

Twitter: @gamedevprof



PHONE 860.486.0149

FAX 860.486.4042

An Equal Opportunity Employer

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