Online Assignment: The Reformation and Martin Luther

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Online Assignment: The Reformation and Martin Luther
Complete the following questions by going to:
From Title Page:

  1. What is the subtitle of the PBS show “Martin Luther”?

Click on “About Martin Luther” from box on left of screen
2) Complete this quote form M. Luther: “I would never have thought that such a storm would rise from Rome __________?____”.

  1. a) What nationality was Luther (country of origin)?

b) Career?

C) # years to change history?

  1. a) The world he was born into was dominated by ---?---

b) When did he vow to become a monk (NOT a date an event)

  1. a) After finding corruption in Rome to what document did he turn for answers about salvation?

b) What does he decide salvation will be based on?

  1. What are the 2 key points in his pamphlet “95 Thesis”? (summarize in own words)

  1. With the invention of the printing press, how long did it take for his pamphlet to spread throughout Europe?

Back to Top—Click on “Characters”

  1. Match the following people to their correct definition:

A) Charles V B) Frederick the Wise

C) Katherine Von Bora D) Hans and Margarette Luther

E) Leo X

  1. pious, hardworking parents of Martin

  2. one of most extravagant leaders of Christian Church

  3. ex-nun who became Luther’s wife

  4. Holy Roman Emperor who opposed Luther

  5. Though remaining Catholic this leader saved Luther by protecting him in his castle

Back to Top—Click on “Luther Trivia”

  1. Choose 3 of the 10 ‘things you didn’t know’ and give 3 factoids for each one.

Back to Top—click on “A Monk’s Life”

  1. What 3 things did monks have to do that make their life such a hardship?

Back to top--- click on “Who Said That?”

  1. Give the differences between Martin Luther and ML King in the following areas:

    1. birth place

    2. eventual career

    3. spark that lead to action

12) In what ways were the 2 Martin’s similar (give at least 7).

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