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Putnam Consulting Group

Confident Giving Dramatic Return

Kris Putnam-Walkerly, MSW: Biographical Sketch

For over 16 years, top global philanthropies have requested Kris’s help to transform their giving and catapult their impact, including designing strategies that achieve results, streamline operations, assess impact, and allocate funds. Her clients include the Robert Wood Johnson, David and Lucile Packard, Winthrop Rockefeller, Annie E. Casey, Charles and Helen Schwab, and Walton Family foundations, among dozens of others. She’s helped over 50 foundations and philanthropists strategically allocate and assess over $300 million in grants and gifts.

A thought leader in transformative philanthropy, Kris was recently named one of America’s Top 25 Philanthropy Speakers in 2016 and in 2017. She is the author of the book Confident Giving, which was recently named one of the 10 Best Corporate Social Responsibility Books and chosen as a finalist in the 2017 International Book Awards. She is a frequent contributor in the publications of leading philanthropy associations, and provides expert commentary about philanthropy in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Entepreneur.com, and other media. She co-edited The Foundation Review’s themed journal on philanthropy consulting.
Prior to forming Putnam Consulting Group, she was a grantmaker at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and an evaluator at the highly esteemed Stanford University School of Medicine. Kris holds a master’s degree in social work from San Francisco State University and a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. She and her husband have five children, and reside near Cleveland, Ohio.
Contact Kris at kris@putnam-consulting.com, calling 1-440-377-6559, or skype: krisputnam. Learn more at putnam-consulting.com.
Kris provided a roadmap that allowed us to identify new funding opportunities and invest in them with great confidence.” – Jane Issacs Lowe, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation



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