Page 12 (front and back) scan 14754-14755 August 2, 1843

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Page 12 (front and back) scan 14754-14755

August 2, 1843

The Administration of the Governor General of Novorossijsk and Bessarabia.

Department 1.

Office 2 (in charge of Jewish Colonies).

To His Excellency Acting Governor General of Novorossijsk and Bessarabia

Report of the Kherson Gubernia Administration and the notification of the order regarding the establishment of synagogues and prayer houses in some Colonies of the Kherson gubernia No. 8591, July 30, 1842. .
With your order No. 8609, June 30, Your Excellency awarded this Administration with the powers to carry out His Majesty permission to allow three chosen representatives from each of the colonies Lvov, Novy Berislav, Novopoltavka, Romanovskaya, and Malaya Sejdemenukha to travel to the Courland, Vitebsk, and Mogilev gubernia for six months to collect donations for construction of synagogues and prayer houses in the said colonies.
Upon considering this matter, the Gubernia Administration concluded: to advise , Lieutenant Colonel Demidov of the content of the above-mentioned His Majesty’s decision and charge him with carrying it out, based on the conclusion of the Gubernia Administration accepted on June 20, 1842, and to report of his actions as regularly as possible. The above will be reported to Your Excellency and His Majesty’s order will be attached (attached) in the gubernia register under No. 30.
Vice-Governor signed for the Governor /signature/

Assistant /signature/

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