Paranormal Research and Investigation Group Constitution

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Paranormal Research and Investigation Group Constitution
Article I
Section 1:
Paranormal Research and Investigation Group (PRIG)
Section 2:
The Paranormal Research and Investigation Group (PRIG) is a student group that provides support to students desiring to investigate the world of paranormal phenomenon. Examples of paranormal events under study include telepathy, psychokinesis (ability of the mind to affect matter), ESP (extra-sensory perception), apparitions and hauntings. PRIG also investigates the potential of certain “religious” practices to create anomalous phenomenon such as out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming and visions, etc. Research is conducted through interviews with those who claim to have experienced an anomalous phenomenon, the observation and investigation of premises where the phenomenon may have occurred and through researching the local history of the phenomenon as well as its place in national and global history and culture. Whenever possible and desired, students will attempt to personally experience the phenomenon under investigation. This may involve such diverse activities as participating in a lucid-dreaming workshop, staying the night in a suspected haunted house or other location, or sitting in on a session of Kundalini Yoga practice. Events and activities will be held throughout the year and at the end of each quarter PRIG will hold a conference in which members will present their research and conclusions to both the University and the community. The ultimate goal of PRIG is to challenge students, members of the University and local citizens to reevaluate their conception of reality. Rather than assuming that reality is merely a known, static and physical universe, we encourage people to approach reality as something that is mysterious, beautiful and frightening. It is our hope that by cultivating a more majestic understanding of the universe, people will see more and more mystery in their own lives and come to escape some of the alienation plaguing our overly rational society.
Section 3:
This organization and its members shall not discriminate against any individual(s) for reasons of age, color, disability, gender identity or expression, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.
Article II
Only Ohio State students can vote. Everyone else in the world can attend meetings as long as they have an open mind and don’t punch anybody (you don’t necessarily need an open mind as long as you don’t punch anybody).

Article III
Since the goal of PRIG is to shatter members’ mundane conception of reality, it would be hypocritical and generally silly to elevate any members to unquestionable power. Therefore, PRIG’s officers will be such in name only. The President, Vice-President and Treasurer will perform their functions and attend their trainings to ensure that the group runs smoothly.
The President will ensure that the group continues to investigate anomalous events in a mostly unbiased manner. He or she will help to ensure the safety of group members and make sure that all members are comfortable with the research and activity being undertaken. The President will help organize research excursions so that they run smoothly and are beneficial to all members’ thirst for paranormal experience and understanding.
The Treasurer will do all of the things that the President does, but will additionally be responsible for the MONEY. The Treasurer must handle PRIG’s funds responsibly and not use it to buy hot fudge sundays on the sly. Additionally, the Treasurer is obligated to challenge the President whenever he or she feels that the President is not acting for the benefit of the group. Most importantly, however, the Treasurer MUST handle group funds carefully and not create any kind of debt. This means that the Treasurer is GOD of the treasury and has the power to refuse all requests for money by any members including the President and Vice-President. While advice and assistance may be offered the Treasurer, no other member can override the Treasurer’s decisions regarding money. The consequences of those choices are on the Treasurer’s head alone.
The Vice-President will act as mediator between the President and Treasurer and will take on any burdens that the other officers cannot carry. The Vice-President will be easily accessible to group members who may not be able to or not want to address their concerns to either the President or the Treasurer.
The length of all terms of office will be one year at which point a vote will be held in which all PRIG members may have an equal voice. Also, if any member of the group does not agree with an officer’s behavior, they can call a vote, in which at least eighty-percent of members must be present, that will decide if the officer should be fired. If the officer is fired, then another vote will be conducted, in which at least eighty-percent of the members must be present, which will decide who takes the fired officer’s position. Obviously, if another officer is elected to the vacant post, then another vote (at least 80%) will be held for that position and so on.
Skipping Articles IV & V
Article VI
PRIG’s faculty advisor is Professor Hugh Urban who is Associate Professor of Religious Studies. As faculty advisor Dr. Urban will update his status as PRIG advisor every three years. Dr. Urban may determine his own level of involvement in PRIG.
Article VII
There are no required meetings for membership, but weekly meetings will be held. Members are advised to attend as many as they can, but general members won’t be voted out if they don’t come. Officers, on the other hand, should definitely attend as many meetings as they can, but they will only be voted out if they totally flake out and stop coming entirely.

Article VIII
Proposed amendments must be in writing. They will not be acted upon but read in the general meeting in which they are proposed. They must be read again during three subsequent general meetings and at the general meeting in which the votes will be taken. Proposed amendments require the approval of two-thirds of the entire voting membership of the organization, present or not.
Article IX
Only the President can dissolve PRIG. If the group survives past the President’s graduation date, then measures will be taken to ensure that the group survives another generation. All existing debts of PRIG are the responsibility of the Treasurer and no other member will be held accountable for any kind of debt. This emphasizes the Treasurer’s need to control group funds and not use it to pay off gambling debts.
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