Park County 4h council Thursday January 23

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Park County 4H Council

Thursday January 23rd, 2014

Cody – EOC Room at the Court House
Attendance: President Kim Barhaug, Vice President Phyllis Ostrum, Secretary Heather Couture, Meeteetse Member at Large Angie Erickson, Powell Member at Large Rhonda Elias, Powell Youth Representative Kyle Church, 4H Educator Kelsey Roop.
Guest: Katie Couture (Lonestar League 4H Club), Adel Ostrum and Tera.
Correspondence: Many Thank you letters from: Brye Williams, Logan Mehling, Kalvin Erickson, Lexee Craig, Kaitlyn O’Rourke, Ivy Grover, Dace Bennett and Tate Barhaug.
Meeting called to order at 6:03pm.
Pledge of Allegiance lead by Kyle Church

4H Pledge Lead by Adel Ostrum

Request for council/funds: No such request received
Secretary Report: We did not meet in December 2013 and our regular meeting time for November was used/scheduled for the annual planning meeting. The last minutes for regular meeting were October 24th 2013.

The consent agenda of the secretary’s report were approved with no amendments.

Treasures Report: Kelsey provided an Income/Expense report for the period of October 2013 – January 23rd 2014. Income=$1191.00 Expenses= $3608.93. Please see complete print out for details.

Adel Ostrum moved to approve the treasure’s report.

Kyle Church seconded

All in Favor

Motion carried
Community Reports

  • Meat Quality Assurance Classes have begun. January 13th was in Powell. Meeting dates: LEVEL ONE Wed. Feb. 12th in Cody, LEVEL ONE Thurs. March 20th in Powell, LEVEL TWO Monday March 24th in Cody, LEVEL TWO Thursday May 8th in Powell. Anyone taking a market project and wanting to sell at the county fair has requirements towards these classes. Kelsey does cross-reference her attendance sheets with the entries to sell at fair Level One= Junior members, Level Two = Intermediate members & Level Three = Senior Members. Please see the newsletter or Kelsey for current class dates.

  • Young Entrepreneurs: The Daniels Fund provided a one-time grant to help young entrepreneurs start their businesses. Kelsey reported that they had a good turn out of youth participants and community leaders. $3000.00 was presented to three youth members that participated and presented their business ideas. Critter Sitters: Youth member in Powell, Fly Tying: Alex Aquire & The Bennett Family. Congratulations to all! Kelsey reported that the local interest in this event has raised discussion around trying to continue this as an annual event with the help of some local businesses.

  • The enclosed hauling trailer that was purchased by the council last year is being parked in the parking area at the Court House.

Old Business
State Leadership Conference

  • Registration is due Feb. 7th.

  • Event dates are Feb. 21-23rd in Riverton Wyoming.

  • Kim Barhaug and Phyllis Ostrum are signed up to attend.

  • Kelsey reported that 37 leaders and 17 youth registration had been received so far and that it is possible if registration does not increase by a significant amount the event might be cancelled.

  • Discussion took place regarding having some of the workshops done in our local area if the state event is cancelled.

  • The Council confirmed that we would help with the cost of early registration as practiced historically. 1 & ½ times the early bird registration is the available amount. These funds are to be given as a reimbursement that must be requested from the council by the register.

  • Heather will put out some public notices to create awareness for this event. Suggested locations for the notice are: Fremont Motor’s electronic sign and the Big Horn Radio network community calendar on line. The website link is

Western Regional Leadership Forum (WRLF)

  • The forum is being held in Billings Montana this year.

  • March 27-30th 2014

  • Rooms at the Crown Plaza are $77.00

  • Website is

  • The council will reimburse 1 & ½ times the registration fees upon request.

  • Kim is attending this event and participating in (2) presentations

  • 2015- Organ, 2016 – Alaska, 2017-British Columbia.

Livestock Scale

  • Kelsey reported that the previous style and type of scales had gotten quit over budget

  • Pat Williams presented some new options for Kelsey to present.

  1. $699.00 plus a hand cart for hauling at $120.00

  2. $785.00 plus a hand cart for hauling at $120.00

  • The major difference in the two scales is size and whether panels were provided or not.

  • Everyone agreed that the scale needed to be able to accommodate all species of market animal projects.

  • If it is decided to purchase a scale without panels it is suggested that people use their own or place the scale inside a livestock trailer when weighing for added security.

  • A deposit will be required when checking the scale out

  • A letter of Liability will also need to be drafted and put into use.

Portfolio/club visits

Thank you to Angie Erickson for organizing a WONDERFUL Achievement Night Saturday November2nd 2013 in Meeteetse.

Club Meetings

  • Kelsey and Kim attended the Heart Mountain 4hers club meeting tonight. They discussed portfolios and what the 4H council is.

  • We will write up a script for everyone to use when visiting clubs. It will be about 15 minutes long. Things to include will be: what we do as a council, funding issues/requests, importance of portfolios, showmanship and other event.

  • The council expressed wanting to assign each member with specific clubs to visit providing the meeting dates and times.


  • Express the import ants of getting started early.

  • Suggest creating time at monthly meetings to work on portfolios

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Park County has adopted the State of Wyoming portfolio format starting this year. The link is available on the website.


  • All inventories are to be done on or before March 1st 2014


  • Discussion for this event was tabled, as Julie was not present at the meeting. She is the primary coordinator for the carnival. Rhonda Elias has expressed that she is available to help.

Other old business: No

New Business
Money Makers/fundraisers:

(Suggested use could be to help fund registration expenses for leadership forums)

Get a Goat: Kim explained that this fundraiser involves taking a goat (which she can supply) around your community, business to business. The general idea is to take a baby goat, one that may be inclined to “scream” a bit possible dressed or decked out in a competitors hat or shirt from one business to another. The hope is that the people in the businesses will want you to leave badly enough that they will “fundraise” for you around the office/business to get you to leave. They may even pay you to put their hats/shirts on the goat to take it to a competitor/friend of there’s.

  • The “Get a Goat” fundraiser is scheduled for Friday March 14th. It will start in Powell in the morning and move on to Cody in the afternoon. We will need some “helpers” for Kim as we het closer to the event.

  • All “helpers” will need to coordinate with Kim.

  • It is suggested to advertise this event prior to its happening in the local papers on the radio and/or with fliers warning “To watch for the 4H Goat”

Cowboy Brand Meats: The Southfork Community Clicks conducted a fundraiser by selling meat sticks and sausage produced at The University of Wyoming meat lab. The product was ordered through the extension office. They have some product left; do we want to sell it as a fundraiser for the council? YES. Every member of the council was given (4) items to sell for $8.00 each. The cost was $6.00 so $2.00 will go to the council. Some members took more than the (4) items feeling they could sell more. Thank you to everyone. Every penny helps. SAFETY WARNING: These products must be kept refrigerated.
Club Representatives on Council Board

In the past we have always encouraged clubs to attend council meeting. Looking to increase the likelihood of these visits we have discussed ways to incentivize clubs to attend. Suggestions were as follows:

  • Require a rep from every club be on the board

  • Strongly recommend attendance

  • Allow a different person to represent the club each month

  • Give a positive incentive for attendance such as a drawing giving an award to the club for attendance.

Discussion: With out amending the by-laws requiring a representative from each club be on the board and giving a “consequence” for not attending it was unanimously agreed to move more towards positive reinforcement for attending.

Kelsey suggested putting the names of all the club representatives (sorry council members are not eligible) in attendance in a hat and doing a drawing for $25.00 towards their club. Attends must also include a report/presentation about your club to the council. No limit is set for the number of reps allowed each month and only one report per club in attendance is necessary.

Rhonda moved to allow the $25.00 drawing amongst the representatives in attendance at each meeting.

Heather seconded

All in favor

Motion carried

Next meeting: February 20th, 2014

Location: The old law library in the Court House – Cody @ 6:00 pm

Angie moved to adjourn the meeting

Phyllis second

Meeting Adjourned @ 7:15 pm
Minutes Respectfully submitted by,
Heather Couture

Park County 4H Council Secretary
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