Pedant™ genome annotation

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PEDANT™ genome annotation

Biomax Informatics now offers a subscription-based web interface 

for complete genome-wide sequence analysis. This web-based 

edition of the highly acclaimed Pedant-Pro™ Sequence Analysis 

Suite is capable of converting composite genome sequences into 

clear and immediately usable information. 

Using the PEDANT™ web interface, you obtain all-encompassing 

results for complete genome sequence analysis in minutes. The 

software provides comprehensive, reliable and relevant gene 

features. It delivers precise gene prediction and protein structure 

and functional information. 

The sequence analysis results are organized to enable an easy 

understanding of the biological importance of the data and thereby 

enhance decision making and discovery. For each gene and 

protein, a comprehensive report provides an overview of relevant 

features with links to public and proprietary databases. Easily drill 

down to investigate details.

Adds layers of efficiency to functional genomic studies

The software increases the efficiency of research, enables 

teamwork and reduces the cost and time for genomic analysis. 

The process is conveniently simple and takes just a day or two. 

After uploading your raw sequence, completing and sending a 

signed form, Biomax will launch the PEDANT analysis. Through 

the web interface, you easily access and download the results in 

just a few minutes.



















d Seq





Figure 1: Graphical representation of 

the PEDANT genome annotation 

subscription-based interface. Upload 

sequence, analyze and innovate.

Result components

Graphical representation and drill-down facility make analysis 

results more interactive and easy to understand. Genes and related 

genetic components are detailed in the DNA Viewer section of the 

result view whereas the Protein Viewer provides a comprehensive 

overview of protein features of your genome-wide sequence data.

The PEDANT software uses state-of-the-art algorithms generating 

the following results:



Genes and open reading frames



Non-coding elements in DNA and RNA (including tRNA and  




Protein functions, protein structure and domains



Multiple alignments



Two- or three-dimensional structural properties assigned to  


Results can be exported in different formats, e.g., FASTA,   


Data security 

The PEDANT software allows you to work confidently in a secure 

environment. After the analysis is complete, the results are readily 

accessible and can be downloaded. The genome sequencing 

data uploaded by the user is stored in a private and secure server 

in order to ensure security and confidentiality. You can access 

the results from anywhere, at anytime, and on any computer 

connected to the Internet.

Contact Biomax at

 for more information. 

Biomax, BioRS, BioXM, PEDANT and Pedant-Pro are 

registered trademarks of Biomax Informatics AG in Germany 

and other countries. Viscovery is a registered trademark of 

Viscovery Software GmbH. Registered names, trademarks, 

etc., used in this document, even when not specifically 

marked as such, are not to be considered unprotected by 





About Biomax

Biomax Informatics AG (Planegg, 

Germany), founded in 1997, is a leader 

in the development of customized 

bioinformatics solutions. Biomax developed 

the well-known Pedant-Pro Sequence 

Analysis Suite, the BioRS Integration and 

Retrieval System, the BioXM Knowledge 

Management Environment and other 

computational solutions for better decision 

making and knowledge management in 

the life science industry. In 2007, Biomax 

acquired the Viscovery data mining business 

from eudaptics gmbh to complement the 

BioXM system with tools to identify and 

validate diagnostic biomarkers. Additional 

information about Biomax can be found at 

the company’s website


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