Peter Fritzson (PF), Examiner, Course leader, Lecturer

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Peter Fritzson (PF) , Examiner, Course leader, Lecturer

  • Peter Fritzson (PF) , Examiner, Course leader, Lecturer

  • Jonas Wallgren (JW), Lecturer

  • Kristian Stavåker, Course assistant TDDD55 and TDDB44; Lab/tutorial assistant TDDB44

  • Sergio Raffilio, Lab assistant TDDB44

  • Kristian Stavåker, Lab/tutorial assistant TDDD55

  • Gunilla Mellheden, Course secretary

  • Patrick Lambrix, Studierektor

F1: Introduction Peter Fritzson (PF)

  • F1: Introduction Peter Fritzson (PF)

  • F2+3: [opt. f. TDDB44] Short introduction to formal languages and automata (JW)

  • F4: Lexical analysis; Symbol tables (JW)

  • F5: Parsing; Top-Down Parsing (JW)

  • F6: Top-Down Parsing cont., Bottom-Up Parsing (intro) (JW)

  • F7: Bottom-Up Parsing [LR(0) items opt. f. TDDD55] (JW)

F8: Semantic analysis and internal forms. Syntax-driven translation. (JW)

  • F8: Semantic analysis and internal forms. Syntax-driven translation. (JW)

  • F9: Memory Management; Run-time organization (JW)

  • F10: Code optimization (PF)

  • F11: Code generation, general (PF)

  • F12: [opt. f. TDDD55] Code generation for RISC and superscalar processors (PF)

  • F13: Error management. Interpreters (PF)

  • F14: Bootstrapping. Compiler Generators (PF)

4 for TDDD55, by Kristian Stavåker

  • 4 for TDDD55, by Kristian Stavåker

  • 4 for TDDB44, by Kristian Stavåker

  • Exercises on background theory (TDDD55)

  • Preparation for the lab assignments

  • Exam preparation session

Separate for TDDD55 (2hp) and TDDB44 (2hp)

  • Separate for TDDD55 (2hp) and TDDB44 (2hp)

    • TDDD55: 2 lab groups
      • Kristian Stavåker (2)
    • TDDB44: 4 lab groups
      • Kristian Stavåker (2), Sergio Raffilio (2)
  • Teams of size 2

  • Register via webreg (Also linked from the course homepages)

    • Deadline for registration: Next friday (Oct 30/ 2011)
  • Lab deadline: 15/Dec/2011

  • Extra TDDB44 Exam 3 points: If your TDDB44 labs are completed and approved latest at the deadline you get 3 points at the exam.


  • Mandatory:

  • Aho, Lam, Sethi, Ullman: Compilers Principles, Techniques, and Tools, Second Edition. Addison-Wesley, 2006. (Also as paperback, 2007)

  • Or the old, first edition (still ok) Aho, Sethi, Ullman: ..., 1986.

  • Mandatory for TDDB44:

  • Compiler Construction Lab Assignments, Kompendium, 2011, Bokakademin

  • Optional:

  • P. Fritzson: TDDB44 Compiler Construction Lecture Notes, 2011, and other lecture notes, are on the course home page.

  • Compiler Construction Exercises, Kompendium

See the course homepages,

  • See the course homepages,

  • Schedule

  • Reading directions

  • References to additional literature

  • Lab instructions for TDDD55

    • (but the lab skeletons are in /home/TDDD55 )

  • Join our compiler research team at PELAB and do a master thesis project in compiler technology!

    • Compiling for OO modeling languages (P. Fritzson)
    • Operational semantics based compiler generation (P. Fritzson)
    • Compiler bootstrapping, Java code gen, international open source (P. Fritzson)
    • OO modeling language compilation on parallel machines (P. Fritzson)
    • Compilation & parallel programming on industry clusters (P. Fritzson)
    • Compiling for parallel / embedded systems (P. Fritzson, C. Kessler)
    • Code generation for embedded systems (C. Kessler)
    • Debugger technology (P. Fritzson)
    • … and more!

Yüklə 261,5 Kb.

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