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Listerine – feel every smile advertisement video transcript


C: Chloe

A: Adi

S: Sarah

An: Anna

G: Grandad

FS: Female Speaker


C: I can imagine that seeing someone smile could be – is probably a really pretty thing to see.

A: When I could see, I loved – I loved having eye contact with people, and I loved it when people smiled and you could see the smile on their face and the smile in their eyes.
C: I sort of smile at my boyfriend, for example, and I’m not too sure if he’s smiling at me or if he’s looking at me the same way. If you love someone that much that you really want to work out how they’re feeling, it can be quite hard.
S: So when I could see a bit more, I could sort of tell easily if someone was smiling or not, but now I don’t really have that to go on, so I do go a lot more on how they’re speaking.
An: As a very small child, Mum would get me to feel her face. I think the face just feels different when you smile – it does seem to come alive.
A: Because I’ve lost my sight, I totally forgot about these smiles that I had experienced. So yeah, it’s just made me realise, I guess, how powerful they were.
[Caption: Could we make something to help those who can’t see a smile, still (Braille for ‘feel’) a smile? Listerine Advanced White presents – Feel every smile.]
A: [Mobile phone vibrates as smile detector app is activated] Oh my God! It vibrates!
C: Ooh! That’s really cool!
An: It’s vibrating!
S: Ooh, wow!
A: Does that mean someone’s calling me or does that mean I’m smiling?
An: [Mobile phone vibrates] Whoever’s smiling at the phone, it’s picking it up?
FS: That’s me! Vibrating!
C: [Mobile phone vibrates] Whoa! Everybody’s happy in the room tonight.
A: Think of me naked now. [Mobile phone vibrates] Ah, it’s working! Fantastic! Stop thinking about that now.
An: [To guide dog] Are you going to smile? No, you’re looking the wrong way, darling!
A: You can make a little challenge out of it, you know? See how many people you can bring a smile to their face in a day. Wouldn’t that be cool?

S: If I could see anyone smile, it would definitely be my nephews. I sort of remember my sisters, my family – I remember their smiles from when I could see. Because he’s only one, I’ve never seen his smile.

[Baby crawling on floor gurgles and smiles and mobile phone vibrates.]
S: He’s smiling at me! That’s so cool!
C: I’ve got this grandad who’s – he’s in his 80s now, and he really, really makes me laugh. When I was born, he was adamant that I was going to do everything that my brothers could do, and as we’ve grown up, we’ve just got this really special bond.
[Grandad laughing.]
C: [Playing game] You must think I’m stupid. [Mobile phone vibrates] Because I know why you’re smiling, because you’re about to lose this.
G: It’s all right…
C: When I first got it, I just thought it was going to be a bit of fun, but actually it’s really special, because it’s something that people just take for granted, knowing that they’re being smiled at. But when you don’t know that, you’re kind of missing that interaction. So when you know through this that you’re being smiled at, it kind of makes you feel like – ‘Oh, that’s nice. Someone’s smiling at me.’
G: It chokes her up – just, well – it’s a natural thing, a smile, but when you can get a smile back, that’s when it chokes you up.
An: I’d love to have this app on the Tube, just to see if anyone actually smiles, apart from me.
A: This has brought a smile to my face. [Mobile phone vibrates] And it’s vibrating as I say that.
[Caption: Your smile is more (Braille for ‘powerful’) than you think. Listerine Advanced White. Smile detector app available to download now.]


Logo – RNIB supporting blind and partially sighted people

Registered charity number 226227

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