Pictou Landing First Nation School

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Pictou Landing First Nation School PENAMUJUIKU’S -JANUARY 2018


ews Update

Dear PLFN SCHOOL Families,

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and productive 2018. We are happy to see our students back into the school routine despite a few school closures due to winter road conditions. We extend a warm welcome to NSCC student Nicole MacDonald who is completing a four week practicum at our school.

Parents and caregivers, please contact your child’s teachers if you have any concerns or questions. We welcome and encourage open and ongoing communication. We appreciate the parental support you provide and would like to continue working with you to ensure the best learning opportunities for students at PLFN School.

I encourage parents and caregivers to ensure students are dressed appropriately for weather conditions. Unless it is raining, or there is a wind chill advisory, we go outside for recess twice per day, and it is important to be prepared.

We are regularly posting new information on our school website, so please continue to check it for any new up-dates and information including homework .




We have read over 1700 books so far. Keep up the great reading everyone!

Keep up to date on events.

Check out our website at www.pictoulandingschool.ca

Check out our Facebook Page

For our lunch menu and other announcements

Family Literacy Day Breakfast January 26

We will celebrate Family Literacy Day on Friday, January 26.

Sitting down to a meal together is a great way to communicate as a family.

Come have breakfast with us in the gym- 8:30 to 9:00 am

Cooking and baking together as a family is a wonderful literacy activity. In recognition of this, we are asking everyone to share a favourite family recipe that we will put in a little cookbook.

Grade 6 Trip to Kejimkujik National Park News

June 21,22,23

We have begun fundraising for this trip. Any ideas for easy fundraisers are most welcome.

We are collecting refundable bottles. All donations are welcome! Wela’liek!

For students who require it, Speech Language Support is offered DAILY at Pictou Landing First Nation School.


Wela’liek Elder Ralph Francis for coming to read to the Grade 3-6 students. We enjoyed both books that you read aloud to us.

Running Club News


ongratulations Marlee and Evan who have both run 25 km so far! Great job!

Lego Robotics News

Great Job everyone for great cooperation skills!
New Club! Grade 5/6 Learn To Crochet

We meet Wednesdays from 3-4 pm

Wela’liek Dana Francis for volunteering to teach our students to crochet!
Roots of Empathy

The mission of Roots of Empathy is to build caring, peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults. Roots of Empathy focuses on raising levels of empathy, resulting in more respectful and caring relationships and reduced levels of bullying and aggression.

The Roots Of Empathy program is a program for children in Primary to grade 8. This year the program is being delivered in the Grade 5/6 classroom. The program's aim is to increase empathy - the ability to understand another person's feelings. In learning about a baby, children learn to care and respect each other.

Here is Baby Emmett visiting the Grade 5/6 students.
Aboriginal Shield


he Aboriginal Shield Program is a program that provides substance abuse prevention and healthy lifestyles coaching to our Grade 5/6 class. This program enables children to gain a sense of cultural connection and pride, while learning to make informed healthy lifestyle choices about drug use and related activities. The program offers culturally relevant teachings.  Constable Shaylene Sutherland facilitates this program for our Grade 5 and 6’s. Wela’liek Shay!

Learning About Structures in Grade 3 & 4


Building tall structures with toothpicks & gumdrops.


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