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Playback video for MDR:

  • Download playback (MDVR player) from

  • Connect SD Card/HDD to PC and confirm which drive it is (D, E or F).

  • Open MDVR player and select folder and search for SD or HDD.

  • Select date from the calendar and this will display recordings in the timeline below.

  • Double click a certain time on the timeline and this will show the video recording at the time.

How to categorise into dates/folders:

  1. Click ‘my computer’ and select the hard drive attached i.e. E: or F:

  2. Double click on ‘rec_dir’ where you will find the following:

  • Recordings/files on Hard drive:

  • R20170531-060115NMD25O7F_lj16ebz.264

File format description:

  • R = Recording-date YYYYMMDD-TIME 06-01-15am

  • D25 = D1 recording 25fps

  • P = Pal

  1. Categorise folders into dates and make a new folder of the date interested i.e. ‘ 05-31’ as this is the day and month shown below.

  • Move all spare files from the date ’05-31’ to the folder.

  • All separate folders are different days and can be viewed day by day.

How to save selected footage:

  • Click on AVI converter.

  • Unselect the channels you don’t want.

  • Change time range to the one of interest.

  • Change output to desktop (or wherever you want the file to be saved).

  • Leave target as blank and then start progress.

  • Should show “AVI conversion successful”.

  • Download link for VLC media player is on Neatcom under links.

  • After this has downloaded go on the video file, right click and then on open with VLC media player.

  • The selected footage should be saved and viewable at choice from here on.

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