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† Footnotes relating to the title and/or authors should appear here.

Electronic Supplementary Information (ESI) available: [details of any supplementary information available should be included here]. See DOI: 10.1039/x0xx00000x

Received 00th January 20xx,

Accepted 00th January 20xx

DOI: 10.1039/x0xx00000x


Author Full Name,*a Author Full Name b and Author Full Name c

Abstract text goes here. The abstract should be a single paragraph that summarises the content of the article

A Headings are the primary heading type e.g. Introduction, Results and discussion, Experimental

B Headings should always be subordinate to A headings e.g. Synthetic procedures, Materials and methods, Crystallography.
C headings should always be subordinate to B headings e.g. General procedure for synthesis of compound X. The main paragraph text follows directly on here.
The main text of the article should appear here with headings as appropriate.


The conclusions section should come in this section at the end of the article, before the acknowledgements.

Conflicts of interest

In accordance with our policy on Conflicts of interest please ensure that a conflicts of interest statement is included in your manuscript here.  Please note that this statement is required for all submitted manuscripts.  If no conflicts exist, please state that “There are no conflicts to declare”.


The acknowledgements come at the end of an article after the conclusions and before the notes and references.

Notes and references

‡ Footnotes relating to the main text should appear here. These might include comments relevant to but not central to the matter under discussion, limited experimental and spectral data, and crystallographic data.


  • Please consult the Styles menu for recommended formatting for all text, including footnotes, references, tables, images and captions.

If you are experiencing difficulty using our template, please consult our ‘Using the Template’ Guide, found here.



1Citations should appear here in the format A. Name, B. Name and C. Name, Journal Title, 2000, 35, 3523; A. Name, B. Name and C. Name, Journal Title, 2000, 35, 3523.


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