Port Address 1 Aloha Tower Drive

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Port Address

1 Aloha Tower Drive

Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Luggage Handling

Prior to arriving at the pier, please ensure that all Princess luggage tags are attached (additional Princess luggage tags can be 

obtained at the pier).  This is in addition to your personal identification tag.

Upon arrival at the pier, independent passengers will drop off luggage curbside to be checked in. Luggage will be screened

loaded onboard and delivered to their state room.  

Curbside porters are available at the pier to take baggage to the vessel for delivery by shipboard personnel to your stateroom. 

It is customary to tip the porter for this service.  Please be advised that curbside porters are not employees of Princess Cruises.  

You are responsible for your belongings at all times.  For security reasons, we remind you to keep your hand luggage, including 

laptops, cameras, any medications, all travel documentation (passports, visas, etc.) and other valuables, in your possession at all 


Distances/Taxi Fares  

- 1 -

Honolulu, Hawaii

Pier 11/Aloha Tower 

General Information

Airport / Pier:


Airport / Waikiki

Parking Information*

Parking not available

For the most up-to-date information please visit www.state.hi.us/dot/harbors/

*All taxicab transfer fares and all parking rates are approximate and are subject to change. The rates contained herein are for 

information purposes, only.

Pier / Waikiki

6 miles - - 20 minutes




10 miles - - 30 minutes


4 miles - - 15 minutes


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- 2 -


    From Honolulu International Airport (HNL):

    1.    Going East on Aolele St. toward Aolewa Pl. turn left onto Lagoon Dr. Lagoon Dr becomes Puuloa Rd. 

    2.    Turn right onto HI-92/N Nimitz Hwy. Continue to follow HI-92/N Nimitz Hwy. 

    3.    Turn right onto Fort Street. Fort Street becomes Aloha Tower Dr. 

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